04 May 2019

Cabbalistic Model of the Brain

I've been writing multiple posts every now and then about magick and it's occasionally quite weird or even annoying to beat around the bush instead of directly talking about it. Alternatively, I feel really stupid writing it in this way without having made this post previously. It's not like I put too much effort into the history of the blog posts in the sense of how the school defines things and later on expands on this information. I don't have a teaching system sorting these blog posts, sorry.

One of the Basics Principles of Magick

Anyways one of the ideas behind magick is getting a wish or will into the unconscious. Unfortunately, this is not just learning something in and out. When learning something only four or five things can be processed at a time. If you're learning something it is bottlenecked pretty hard. Amazing that people make it through school haha, just kidding. No, actually learning something is different from getting something into the unconscious. I mean.. something must happen. Technically we could get literally any wish or thought into the unconscious mind. Especially if said thing is supposed to become real. Even if we look at the other basic principle of magick, the probability. If millions of people watch Freddy Krueger or another horror movie with this number of people chances are quite high that those horror creatures become real yet they don't. This means something is happening there.

 The Censor

According to the cabbalistic model, the brain is split into three parts. The conscious, the unconscious and the censor. Both the conscious and unconscious are equivalent to what you probably understand or what psychology talks about. The idea was to bring a thought, wish or will into the unconscious. Now the job of the Censor is to protect the mind or unconscious from getting thoughts, wills and wishes into the unconscious. It is said to be evolved during getting older and is taught by our experiences during our life as well as by the collective mind. When you grow up you learn to understand how the world behaves and works you could say you learn what is normal, filtering out what is not normal. 

Practicing Magick

This means when we try to practice magick the goal is to get past the censor.
There are countless practices on how to achieve this. Literally, every ritual falls under this category. The second thing is to change the Censor. Cabbalists believe that it is possible to change the censor through rituals invoking a state of disbelieve. This is also achieved by practicing magick as well. Basically when the abnormal becomes normal.

Final Words

Well, that's what I learned from the book "Die Hohe Schule der Magie" written by Frater V. D.. whether you take this for granted, give it the benefit of a doubt (which I would recommend if you're interested in magick), see it with scepticism (recommended by many people) or if you're just interested in it generally there you go. I'm not saying this is correct nor am I saying it's incorrect.

There are other things that kabbalists seemingly believe among them the interpretation of the bible in a way that says that humans are gods.

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