09 December 2017

Guild Wars 2: Fractal Grind - How Long?

So with the update of the 28th November, they brought in a sink for fractal relics. Well more like for almost all fractal currencies, heh.

What Is Offered?

All the new account bonuses are offered as a one time unlock and can be bought by the new NPC in the fractals of the mists that stands between the bank and the golden Golem, or at the opposite side of the black lion trader. These account bonuses apply only to the fractals.

In total 4 account augmentations are offered with 4 different levels:

  • Fractal Empowerment: Permanently gain an extra Writ of Tyria Mastery from the final chest in every fractal
  • Karmic Retribution: Permanently gain bonus karma from the final chest of every fractal.
  • Agony Impedance: Every character in your account permanently gains 5 agony resistance in fractals
  • Mist Attunement:
  • A title (for each level)
  • 5-10 agony resistance, 1% increased outgoing damage, and 10 health per second in fractals for every character in your account (for each level)
  • 1 additional fractal encryption and a bag of fractal relics from the final chest in every fractal (for each level)

So summarizing. You get up to four Writs of Tyria Mastery, which equals 25,400 * 4 experience. So 121,600 experience
The Karmic Retribution gives you a Bead of Liquid Karma for fractal levels 1-50 and a Drop of Liquid Karma for fractal levels 51-100. Stacked four times this equals to 500 * 4 = 2000 karma on fractal levels 1-50 and 600 * 4 = 2400 on fractal levels 51-100.
And the Agony Impedance gives you 5 agony resistance each. Stacked up to 4 * 5 = 20 agony resistance.
Next, the Mist Attunement gives you four titles (Fractal SavantFractal Prodigy, Fractal Champion, Fractal God) as well as 4 * 5 agony resistance. However, the developers said this is a bug as the last level is supposed to give 10. The intended total of Mist Attunement is 25 then. So it sums up to 45 total agony resistance through account bonuses. Additionally you get 4 * 1% = 4% increased outgoing damage and 4 * 10 = 40 health per second as well as 4 * 1 = 4 additional fractal encryptions and an equal amount of additional fractal relics.

Our question today, or the question I asked myself is:
"How Long Does It Take To Unlock It All?"

Prices of the Attunements

Prices ain't cheap. Let's go through each one:
  • Fractal Empowerment
Name Gold Fractal Relics Integrated Matrix
Fractal Empowerment 1 1g 250 1
Fractal Empowerment 2 5g 500 3
Fractal Empowerment 3 10g 750 5
Fractal Empowerment 4 15g 1000 8
Total 31g 2500 17
  • Karmic Retribution
Name Gold Fractal Relics Integrated Matrix
Karmic Retribution 1 1g 500 1
Karmic Retribution 2 5g 1000 5
Karmic Retribution 3 10g 1500 10
Karmic Retribution 4 15g 2500 20
Total 31g 5500 36
  • Agony Impedance
Name +11 Agony Infusion Fractal Relics Integrated Matrix
Agony Impedance 1 2 1000 10
Agony Impedance 2 4 2500 15
Agony Impedance 3 6 4500 22
Agony Impedance 4 9 7000 30
Total 21 15000 77
  • Mist Attunement
Name Fractal Relics integrated Matrix Fractal Journals Pristine Fractal Relics +13 Infusion +14 Infusion +15 Infusion +16 Infusion
Mist Attunement 1 25000 75 8 1
Mist Attunement 2 35000 150 1200 1
Mist Attunement 3 45000 225 16 1
Mist Attunement 4 55000 300 2000 1
Total 160000 750 24 3200 1 1 1 1

Alright. Now let's sum the totals up:

Name Gold Fractal Relics integrated Matrix Fractal Journals Pristine Fractal Relics +11 Infusion +13 Infusion +14 Infusion +15 Infusion +16 Infusion
Total Fractal Empowerment 31g 2500 17
Total Karmic Retribution 31g 5500 36
Total Agony Impedance 15000 77 21
Total Mist Attunement 160000 750 24 3200 1 1 1 1
Total 62g 183000 880 24 3200 21 1 1 1 1

Phew. Now we know what we need to buy every augmentation or account bonus.

So How Long Does It Take Now?

Well. To determine how long it takes we need to check what we need and if any of those materials or currencies are time-gated and whether or not we can buy them alternatively.
So let's go through it quickly:

Gold: Gold can be farmed it's the primary currency and it drops from enemies, can be gained by trading and so on. No time gate here.
Fractal Relics: You can farm fractal relics by simply running fractals of the mist. No time gate here either.
Integrated Matrix: This currency is dropped in Challenge Mote daily but you can buy it for 15 fractal relics and 10 stabilizing matrices. We already established fractal relics that are not time-gated. Stabilizing matrices are gained by salvaging ascended gear, they drop from fractal dailies. And they can be bought on the black lion trading post. So no time gate here either.
Fractal Journals: Fractal journals are the result of double-clicking 28 fractal research pages. You get 3 fractal research pages each day from the recommended fractal dailies and an additional page for each challenge mote. The result is 5 each day. Thus this unit is time-gated.
Pristine Fractal Relics: These are rewarded for completing fractal dailies. Three daily fractals reward 1 for each fractal tier (1-4). They work iterative, by that I mean if you complete the tier 4 daily you get tier 1-3 as well. Additionally, you can do up to 3 recommended dailies depending on whether or not you have the Tyria mastery done already. And last but not least you can get 1 pristine fractal relic from each challenge mote. Summing up to a total of 17 pristine fractal relics. So this one is also time-gated.
+x Agony Infusion: Infusions are rewarded for completing fractals opening fractal encryptions and they can also be bought. There's no limit on how many you can get. So they're not time-gated.

So now we know our friends: Fractal journals and pristine fractal relics.

Time to Solve the Mystery

We need 24 fractal journals and 3200 pristine fractal relics. Each fractal journal requires 28 fractal research pages. So we need 24 * 28 = 672 research pages.

We already established that the total amount of pages we get is 5 per day. So if we need 672 it takes us 672 / 5 = 134.4 days. We have to say 135 days since the 0.4 daily is on the next day. If we say we don't do the challenge mote it would take us 672 / 3 = 224 days.

Let's see how long it takes to get 3200 pristine fractal relics. We get 17 of them per day and we need 3200. So it would take us 3200 / 17 = ~188.24 days to get these. Again due to dailies resetting on the next day and not 0.24 we need 189 days. Without challenge mote, it would take us 3200 / 15 = 213.33 so 214 days.

As you can see the pristine fractal relics is the limiting factor here if you run challenge mote and now you know the fastest time it would take to get all augmentations when starting from zero.

What About the Other Currencies?

I might go over how often you would have to do certain things or how expensive it would be to buy them all but I'm happy with the current state of this post. Maybe I'll add the other thing if this post rises to the top of my blog. I don't know.
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