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I've created this blog to share something from my life. I'm currently sharing theorycrafting and this more or less went more into an obsession. Now I'm posting nearly daily about theorycrafting but I try to occasionally throw in something else.
"Gaming, Game Development, Theorycrafting, Philosophy and Magic combined in one place"
Sums up all my posts really nicely. So if you're interested in one of those stay tuned for any or a certain topic you're interested in. Though I must say that the magic I'm talking about here is more like what people call magick.

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I like to describe myself as a content creator, specifically game developer, game designer, artist, programmer, YouTuber, streamer, sound designer, composer, blogger, gamer and wizard. ("R U A WIZARD?" ~Binding of Isaac) At least I specialize in those categories - some more than others. Oh, I'm also German though nationality doesn't really matter much to me. And I learn Japanese...

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I'm a B.Sc. Games Engineer and I created this blog to share my ideas, theorycrafting, thoughts and whatever I'm working on or doing.