11 November 2020

Among Us Kill Distance

Ill 1.: x0.25 vision,
short kill distance
Searching the right settings for the Among Us survival horror mode, I've analyzed the kill distance. In particular, I couldn't find anything about it online.

Preparation & Approach

Unwilling to bother four friends to start a game, I created three instances with BlueStacks. I hosted the lobby with the phone and filled it with them. For the map, I arbitrarily chose Skeld and decided on the bottom garbage chute since it has lines with a fixed distance. I'll place the imposter at the bottom right and approach with a crewmate until the kill button lights up. Given different settings, I'll make screenshots, which will show an estimated kill distance.

Ill 2.: x0.5 vision,
medium kill distance

Getting The Screenshots

For all settings, I keep imposter and crewmate vision equal. First, I've tested if kill and view distance correlate, which wasn't the case. With this knowledge, I started the first round with x0.25 vision and short kill distance (see ill. 1). I continued with x0.5 vision and medium kill distance (see ill. 2). And lastly, x0.75 vision and long kill distance (see ill. 3). I didn't do any further checks since long is the highest kill distance option, and we already know that other settings don't affect it.

Ill 3.: x0.75 vision,
long kill distance

Looking at the screenshots, we notice a relationship between the two distances. Namely, the kill distance is a bit smaller than the view distance. We could estimate the former to be x0.225, x0.45, and x0.675. The exact gap would require pixel measurements and determining the player's collision box. Unfortunately, the game scales with the device's resolution. Thus, requiring all screenshots on the same. I might do this at a later time. In particular, when I compare it to my estimate. For now, I am happy with this result.

05 November 2020

Video Games and BINGO!

A while ago, I got into speedrunning with one of the most popular games, Super Mario 64. Aside from the usual x-star categories, having watched some, you might have stumbled upon bingo. If you haven't, let me explain.

Video Game Bingo

Example Bingo Field for Super Mario 64 generated on
In a video game bingo, you complete random mini-challenges. These include  100% completing a level, getting a certain amount of lives, or doing something optional. Whether it's for fun, to beat a specific time or battle other people.[1] You place the challenges in a 5x5 grid, and as usual, you win by getting a bingo, which is a completed row, column, or diagonal.[2] Though variants of this requiring you to achieve multiple winning conditions like double or triple bingo exist. You might as well do the whole board, but that defeats the purpose of choice. You could also split into teams and work towards a goal together.[3] And you can do this with any game!

Bingo field created by
GreenyNeko on bingobaker.com

Can You Make Your Game Bingo Friendly!?

Comparing games like Super Mario 64 and Tetris, we notice a limit during brainstorming mini-challenges for Tetris. Thus certain games, are better suited. But why? A noticeable element is the increased optional content. However, in a rhythm game like Osu!, we have lots of options on what songs to play. We notice a lack of diversity when looking at the bingo I made for this game.[4] Therefore variety in the optional content of a game is key to make a game Bingo friendly.


Regardless of you trying this for yourself or making your next Bingo-friendly-game. It's a fun way to spice up old completed games or having more fun with friends. You can make your own Bingo card, check out others on Bingosync or SpeedRunsLive, or check out videos on people doing those runs.
Have fun and until next time. :P

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQF3AyVlNq0

[2] https://www.speedrunslive.com/tools/sm64-bingo/

[3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3DuqbqpSaY

[4] https://bingobaker.com#cfa78ff4d69fc7ed

31 October 2020

Among Us Meets Hide-n-Seek Meets Survival Horror

Imposter vision hide-n-seek
by GreenyNeko
Halloween is around the corner, and Corona won't ruin the festive spirit. Even if we may not go outside, we can still celebrate other aspects of Halloween. I also plan to celebrate it. First, I planned to stream VR horror games. However, to appeal to all ages, I decided to go with Among Us instead. But it's not a horror game? Well, not if you play it ordinarily.

Classic Versus Other Game Modes

Voting in normal game
by GreenyNeko
You probably know the classic game mode. Players report dead bodies and call emergency meetings. The crewmates find the imposters and vote them off or complete all tasks. Imposters need to kill enough crewmates, blend in, and sabotage the ship. That is not the only way to play the game, though. People are creative and come up with their own rules, just like when we were young. Hide-n-Seek is one of these made from custom rules. The ability to change those also supports this to a certain degree. Now, how does Hide n Seek work?

Hide-n-Seek Mode

Hide-n-Seek plays with only one imposter. With their view and kill distance set to a minimum, they have to find the crewmates and kill them. Crewmates get a head start and hide on the map. Players don't report bodies, don't call sabotages, and don't press the emergency button.  The last person alive wins when the game ends. A variant of this has the players finish all tasks to win. Another changes the game's settings just a little bit to create a scarier atmosphere.[1]

Barely outside of imposter vision
by GreenyNeko
Survival Horror Mode

For this mode, the same rules as in Hide-n-Seek apply, but with some changes. First of all, sabotaging communications is allowed. Second, the player view distance now should be below x0.75 to improve the atmosphere. However, it should also be higher than the imposters' view to allow playing around them. I've noticed, when the view distance of the imposter and player is the same, it sometimes feels random to die. If imposter and crewmate view is equal, death seems random. Next up, players who die should stop talking, which helps the atmosphere to make you feel more alone as the game goes on. Switching off common-tasks is recommended since these encourage the imposter to wait for players on these. And lastly, I recommend playing on Skeld.[2]

Atmosphere & Future Steps

We have a small map with narrow hallways and a maniac running around. Players with a limited field of vision going from crowded to alone filled with dead bodies. The gameplay is comparable to Dead by Daylight, where you need to do tasks to win while avoiding the murderer. Due to the increased view distance, you can outsmart them, saving you with a fast-beating heart. Best of all, this is a spooky experience for all ages! Though, this is honestly just a theory. I'll find it out on Halloween 2020 at 3 pm UTC on my stream. Let's see if I can get this post out before, haha. Happy Halloween!

[1] https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/gsm9mu/hide_and_seek_custom_mode/

[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HryURpJSN4o&t=1h11m14s

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