25 December 2017

Guild Wars 2: Time Consumption of WvW Pips

Every week on Friday, 18:00 UTC a new World vs World match starts. With every new match, the rewards reset. This means we can get through all those reward chests again.

What's It Worth?

Each chest rewards WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets, Skirmish Chest(s), Memory(/ies) of Battle and Reward Track Progress(es). The last chest of each tier rewards extra of the earlier mentioned rewards but Mist-Warped Packet and Bundles too. Summing up all these rewards we have:
  • 365 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets
  • 35 Skirmish Chests
  • 76 Memories of Battle
  • 142 Reward Track Progresses
  • 11 Mist-Warped Packet
  • 3 Mist-Warped Bundles
  • 4 Mystic Coins
I have some data on what the Magic-Warped Packet and Bundles are worth but that's another story so let's just say this is all awesome and we want it. Especially since you can use the WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets for ascended and legendary gear.

What Do I Need To Do?

It may sound weird but you just have to play World vs World. The question, though, is how much. We need to get 1450 pips to get all the rewards of this week. Afterward, the rewards still repeat except for the WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets. So let's calculate how long we need to get them. Thus we need 1450 pips. Next question is:

How To Get Pips?

In World vs World, there's a participation system. Each time you do anything that rewards World Experience or if you impair some building that can be destroyed, like a wall or a gate you gain participation. For a certain amount of time this participation keeps at the amount you have. If you don't do anything until the timer runs out it starts to dissipate until you get some participation again. Now once your participation fills up completely you increase your participation tier. The maximum tier is six and it starts with zero. Once we reach tier three we start to get pips every five minutes. Side note: respective to your tier you also get a different amount of reward track.

How Many Pips?

The amount of pips differs depending on some factors. The minimum you can get is 3 and the maximum you can get is 19. The factors are:
  • War Score Placement Your servers rank in the current skirmish.
  • WvW Rank Your rank in World vs World
  • Commander If you're a commander with at least five people in your squad.
  • Commitment Having gotten all wooden chests last week
  • Outnumbered Being on a map with the Outnumbered buff.
If your server is the best of the three in the current skirmish you get five pips, as the second server you get four pips and if you're playing on the last of the three you get three pips. Depending on your WvW rank you can get between zero and seven pips. As a commander with a squad, you get one additional pip. Having completed the wood division last week gives you another single pip and playing on a map that gives the outnumbered buff gives five pips.

Cal-cu-la-tions- Calculations Now Begin

Okay, so in the worst case, we get 3 pips every five minutes. We need 1450 pips. So we need pips rewarded 1450 / 3 = 483.33 times. Multiplying this by the minutes it takes to get pips gives us the number of minutes it will take: 483.33 * 5 = 2416.65. Last but not least change this to hours: 2416.65 / 60 = 40.28. So, for someone to start fresh, they would have to put in 40.28 hours in the worst case. Now let's see the best case. We get five pips every five minutes. Let's cut the calculation down to one formula:

1450 / 5 * 5 / 60 = 24.16

Alright, so it will take between 40.28 and 24.16 hours. That's still a lot, kinda like full time or a part-time job. Luckily we can get the extra pip by only getting the wooden chests. So let's check out how hard the wooden chests are to get. We need only 100 pips for this. So for someone starting that is:

100 / 3 * 5 / 60 = 2.78

100 / 5 * 5 / 60 = 1.67

Only 2.78 to 1.67 hours. That's doable!

Alright, we got our extra pip now the times look like this:

1450 / 4 * 5 / 60 = 30.21

1450 / 6 * 5 / 60 = 20.14

So 20.14 to 30.21 hours. That's quite a lot already for just one pip.

Sometimes you may or may not be playing on an Outnumbered map. Let's see how long it takes us here in the best case:

1450 / 11 * 5 / 60 = 10.98

Okay, so it would be safe to assume it would take us 10.98 to 30.21 hours with the extra pip.

Of course, I could go through every case here but you can do it just as well it's as simple as this:
1450 / pips * 5 / 60
One thing I want to calculate now is. How long does it take for someone who gets the maximum amount of pips worst and best case?

So let's see we have someone with maximum WvW rank and the commitment pip. That's 11 pips minimum and 18 pips maximum if not commanding.

1450 / 11 * 5 / 60 = 10.98

1450 / 18 * 5 / 60 = 6.71

Now that's a huge difference. Only 6.71 to 10.98 hours needed. Alright, last but not least full pips all 19 here we go:

1450 / 19 * 5 / 60 = 6.36

So this takes 6.36 hours.

Daily Average

Before I finish let's go quickly over the daily average the respective players need to play. Of course, there's more time on weekends and less time during the week. Regardless I'm interested in what we get offered. So to calculate this we simply divide the result in hours through the seven days.
  • With 3 pips: 40.28 / 7 = 5.75 hours every day
  • With 4 pips: 30.21 / 7 = 4.32 hours each day
  • With 5 pips: 24.16 / 7 = 3.45 hours per day
  • With 6 pips: 20.14 / 7 = 2.88 hours a day
  • With 11 pips: 10.98 / 7 = 1.57 hours daily
  • With 18 pips: 6.71 / 7 = 0.95 hours or 0.95 * 60 = 57 minutes a day
  • With 19 pips: 6.36 / 7 = 0.91 hours or 54.6 minutes each day

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