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The website owner will not take any responsibility for external links, whose content may change over time. However, users of the website are encouraged to notify the website owner with the provided material found in the Impressum, about external links that do not work as expected or result in unexpected websites. Respective actions will be taken as soon as possible.

Unrestricted Ads

The owner of the website is an open-minded person which also applies to the advertisements shown on this page. As Google Adsense provides these advertisements, the website owner does not take any responsibility for external links or advertisements shown. Additionally as this blog itself features topics that are oriented for an educated audience or an audience that seeks further education, e.g. via tangential learning or actual content the assumed age of the people who read this blog are most likely above the age of fourteen years old, if not older. Advertisements that do not fit said audience should be forwarded to the website owner (primarily) or Google as fast as possible so that these issues of an automatic system can be solved as soon as possible.

Open to Change

Respective to public outlash the website owner may consider changing the allowed or unblocked categories of advertisement in the future at any time. The primary goal aside from a small income is to provide the internet and/or any interested people with the content they like. The primary idea is to share things the website owner works on, their opinions or things that they learned or experienced.

Malicious Ads

Even though the chances are most likely near null, if any of the advertisements happen to be malicious or to contain viruses as the website owner does not have any say in which specific advertisements will be shown, these occurrences should be reported to the website owner or Google immediately. All ads shown on the page are determined by Google AdSense, whether it's using an unfiltered bidding system or not. Inform the website owner or google about the details that help to prevent these software errors or illegal acts from Google AdSense users.

Blog Content

Aside from the advertisements, the blog's content will always stay as family-friendly as possible. Even if some topics are not written for younger audiences in mind. Meaning they might contain complicated concepts, math, physics, philosophy, biology, game design, culture, etc. resulting in confusion, change of religion and belief or dangerous results when copying magic-related experiments and rituals. In the case that the website owner may ever consider to actually reference, work or develop adult content, this will be strictly split from this blog with no links to said content to prevent from accidentally reaching it by younger audiences.

Reader Discretion Advised

Participating in some of the content on this blog, especially the spiritual minded, may result into changes of behavior, religion, opinion, thoughts and believes. Additionally mistakes on either side may result in dangerous situations. The website owner does not take any responsibility for any injuries, physically, mentally, spiritually or psychologically by trying rituals and ideas at home. Additionally people are encouraged to talk to a professional psychic, wizard or witch on how safe it is prior to taking own action. Keep in mind that practicing magic or magick can be compared to walking the path of a thin line between death and insanity. (from the book 'Die Hohe Schule Der Magie' by Frater V. D.)

Aside from these I hope you still enjoy the blog and
Thanks in Advance
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