24 June 2018

Guild Wars 2: Legendary Armor - How Long? (Part 3 - WvW)

Three game types, three Legendary Armors, three posts. This will finish the first category of my Legendary Armor analysis and with this, we'll be able to compare all three Legendary Armors. Which one will take the longest and which one will be the fastest? Let's get to it. I have 13 Gifts of War Dedication lying around anyways.

Legendary World vs World Armor

This Legendary Armor was created for those who dedicate their time to World vs World as such we're expected to need items from this game mode primarily. Just like the PvP and PvE armor sets we need the same items for this one but one of them being an armor you get from WvW instead. The following items are needed for each armor piece:
  • 1x Gift of War Prosperity
  • 1x Gift of War Prowess
  • 1x Gift of War Dedication
  • 1x Triumphant Hero's Armor or Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Armor
As you can see, ArenaNet keeps their consistency with the ingredients and their names only this time it's "War" instead of "Competitive". Even though both WvW and PvP are competitive... but, whelp, designers choice. This doesn't tell us much about how long the armor takes, which means we need to step in to further detail.

Gift of War Prosperity

For the WvW version of the Gift of Prosperity, we need almost the same items.
  • 1x   Gift of Battle
  • 15x Mystic Clover
  • 1x   Gift of Condensed Might
  • 1x   Gift of Condensed Magic
The difference is the Gift of Battle, these are awarded for finishing a certain reward track. As you can see it technically comes down to the same procedure as the PvP Gift with the only difference being the game mode. However, WvW reward tracks work a little different than PvP reward tracks and as such also require a different amount of time.

The way it works is, that you get participation for... participating in events and the general WvW match. That means whenever you defeat an opponent, capture something, defeat NPCs, damage building to a certain extent, get awarded for defending or repair a building you get participation. Once you reach a certain amount of participation your participation tier is increased which means you are awarded a higher amount of reward points. After you've reached the maximum tier of six you will get 195 points on the main maps and 146 on the Edge of the Mists. Keeping the highest tier up is usually not a problem. The reward tracks in WvW also take 20,000 reward points, just like in PvP. Of course, there are boosts for this out there as well and you can increase the points to 390. In comparison though, these points are not awarded for every match but every five minutes instead. With this data, we can calculate the time it takes us to finish the track or we could simply use the number on the Guild Wars 2 wiki. Anyways it's 20,000 required reward points divided by the 195 points we get every tick and multiplied by the time in of 5 minutes it takes to get the points. 20000 / 195 * 5 = 512.82 minutes or 512.82 / 60 = 8.55 hours. With the boosts it's 20000 / 390 * 5 = 256.41 minutes or 256.41 / 60 = 4.27 hours instead.

Gift of War Prowess

The Gift of Prowesses all use the same materials except for the first one.
  • 1x   Legendary War Insight
  • 1x   Eldritch Scroll
  • 50x Obsidian Shards
  • 1x   Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy
So, what does this beautiful Legendary War Insight item cost? Just like the PvP one, this one costs tickets as well. This time it's WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets though and 1095 at that. These are awarded for - would you have guessed it? - progressing the weekly reward chests. The thing you need Pips for. Wait, did I just say Pips? Hey, I've made a post about the time consumption of Pips in WvW already, awesome. Unfortunately, this is not the only amount you'll need. So let's keep this in mind for now.

Gift of War Dedication

This one is the main Gift. Like all the others it requires dedication into the game mode. The items we need are:
  • 1x     Certificate of Honor
  • 1x     Glob of Condensed Spirit Energy
  • 1x     Certificate of Heroics
  • 250x Memories of Battle
Most of these can be bought. The Certificate of Honor, for example, can be bought for a price of 500 Badges of Honor. This is a currency that you will get for simply playing World vs World. There's no cap on them, so as long you do something in the game mode that can be considered playing it you should be able to get them. The Glob of Condensed Spirit Energy can be bought - again - via Spirit Shards, which are rewarded for leveling up which then again happens multiple times a day and it's nothing you should worry too much about except if you plan to craft every single legendary in the game. Which is a post for itself that kinda piques my interest coming to think about it? Anyways the Certificate of Heroics can be bought for either Proof of Heroics of Testimony of Heroics both currencies awarded for leveling up your WvW rank. Just like the other currencies, this one happens while playing World vs World. Last but not least we have the Memories of Battle. 250 may sound like a lot but honestly, if you only put a little dedication into World vs World you'll end up with tons of these. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, whenever I was overcapped with these currencies I would have made a Gift of War Dedication and I have 13 lying around. That's enough for two legendary armors already. The fact is all these currencies can be farmed technically.

Triumphant Hero's Armor and Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Armor

The armors need to be bought as well. The Triumphant Hero's Armor costs between 175 and 350 and the Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Armor costs between 350 and 700 tickets. The difference is the skins as well as the price. The none mistforged armor requires other materials that the mistforged doesn't. The price is something I'm gonna look into on another day though. Here are the prices of the armor pieces:

Armor Boots Legs Gloves Coat Shoulder Head Total
Triumphant Hero's Armor 175 260 175 350 175 175 1310
Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Armor 350 520 350 700 350 350 2620

So we need 1310 + 1095 * 6 = 7880 to 2620 + 1095 * 6 = 9190 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets.
We know that we can get 365 tickets each week and we can calculate how often we need to work our way through. Thus we can calculate how many weeks it would take us. For the Triumphant Hero's Armor that's 7880 / 365 = 21.59 weeks and for the Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Armor that's 9190 / 365 = 25.18 weeks.

The Legendary PvE armor was 8.82 10 to 17.65 20 weeks and the legendary PvP armor was 19.77 to 31.43 weeks.

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