17th December Dreams

 First dream:

From what I remember I was on a bus with a friend and we were talking.

Some girl was having sex with 3 dudes at the other end of the bus 0w0

Then we were talking about always having a fork with us.

Then I sat down and the bus driver talked to me but I don't remember what.

Afterward, the bus driver tried to pass two cars that were parked on either side near each other and hit one of the cars.

Next up I was home with some guys and my friend and bus driver.

And I decide to eat something so I put minced meat on my bed...

and eat it!

The bus driver tried it too and he was like "yup, that's meat" lol

That's pretty much all I remember.

The second dream is a continuation.

I was sleeping on my bed then my mom comes we remove the bed protection

and then she takes me with the whole bed downstairs and I was scared the bed would break.

Then she goes outside and gets ready to wash me and the bed with a garden hose.

And I was like "wait, but it's cold, and today's Sunday. I wanted to bathe Saturdays not Sundays lol.

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