21st December Dreams

Starting off by taking care of an animal, I think a bird.
The next thing I remember is sleeping with my mother when suddenly some man in black appear and take us hostage.
To be free me and my brothers I (all children) need to save a brother of ours.
All we had to do was cut this duct tape from his neck.
Luckily it stood off on the left making it fair for children to remove.
Kinda felt like a children's version of S.A.W. I suppose.

The next dream was being at a party of PewDiePie I think and there was lots of Sushi lol.
There was also a castle nearby where another host of the party lived.
Some boy tried to sneak into the castle during the party.
But you had to put in some papers, though there were lying some before
Then the person that lived in the castle was about to come back.
I kinda felt like I was standing at the castle so I tried to make my brain remove me from there lol.
It didn't really work.
The next thing I remember is that the boy died and I was like some kind of zombie vampire thing?
They taught me a ritual to revive my friend using skeleton puppets holding it in front of my tummy then my flat right hand then another skeleton puppet thingy and lastly my right arm, upright with a fist.
And then say something I've already forgotten. Keeping these things in mind is hard. Especially since it's so fuzzy xD
Afterward, the skeletons disappeared and tiny horoscope animals in different colors were walking around. 
The first one that appeared was a Scorpio.
Then we went back to the party and tried to stay outside of the sunlight. 
It took like 3 seconds in sunlight for my body part to hurt.
And lastly, I worked on my sleeping place because that part of the castle was pretty run down.
Also, I had to change my sleeping schedule.

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