5th December Dreams

 - I was helping my mom shopping through different 

- then she told me I would get a Nintendo Switch for Christmas

-after that, I was charging my phone and playing music in the car (same with her)

- then I was in a game similar to Guild Wars 2 doing my dailies and gathering resources

- I got attacked and mutilated by a group of enemies while literally, everyone walked pass

- so I miraculously got up and followed one person and attacked them >:

- after that, a group of friends went to do our daily stuff but I had other plans

-I went back to the area with those monsters and tried to use drugs on them but that failed to have other people get drugged

- and I started acting to get weak and sleepy from it

- then I acted as if I was slowed down but I still defeated the spider enemy

- after that, I was asked to do some Player vs Player in the game with my ex-GF

- after that, I watched people play a racing game where the character is a ball with a protective rock/diamond shield around them

- the track was quite slippery

- sliding behind a friend the dream then transitioned to a huge field of some tree-like plant but you could slide on top of it

- having done that for a while and gotten back the owner said that these plants are rare and you shouldn't do that b because it hurts them, so I felt sorry and apologized

- after that, I tried to return by avoiding stepping on any but I ended up at a lower part and I had to climb up but I kinda got stuck watching the others having gotten up

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