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 The current procedure I use to write blog posts consists of the five phases: Brainstorming, research, initial draft, rewriting, and lastly Grammarly application. As I'm working as a single person, there isn't much quality assurance, and blog posts do take their time.


The process differs per post category. In the case of theorycrafting, the ideas spring from how I can achieve what I want most efficiently. For game design, I get ideas through the things I learn and the design problems (cursed or hard) I come across. The rest of the topics come from typical brainstorming techniques.


After I've got my idea, it's time to get the data and results. This is usually the longest phase. When I've understood everything, got the result, and know, how to get there, I can start writing the blog post. This brings me to the initial draft.

Initial Draft

The initial draft is the heart piece of the blog post. It contains the structure of the blog post and everything I want to have said. You can check out the older blog posts, which never went out of the initial draft. Back then, my process of writing posts ended here. This meant more blogging but at the cost of quality. Since 2019, I've added two more phases.


Inspired by Dr. Jordan Peterson's writing guide, I rewrite my blog posts at least three times. The goal of this phase is to make the posts more concise. Since I have the time, I also split each rewrite into a separate day. This prevents me from reading over errors and helps me come up with fresh ideas. For rewriting, I split my post into full and partial sentences. Then I attempt to find a shorter way to write them without losing clarity. After I can't come up with a clear and shorter sentence structure, I apply Grammarly.

Applying Grammarly

This step is straightforward. I correct all errors I made, fix every unclear sentence, and attempt my best to fix the premium issues. I use Grammarly for free, so fixing premium issues takes its time. After Grammarly doesn't complain about anything I deem necessary, the blog post is done and will be published for you to read. ^^
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