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If you haven't noticed yet I like to play games, a lot. Aside from theorycrafting that goes more into the direction of game theory than calculating something that would result in an advantage in the game I don't seem to write much about gaming as of yet. Though I do consider writing about new games that may come out or updates and guides for existing game content of games I already play. Additionally, I might consider reviewing one or another game from my personal point of view, though, I'm not so good at reviewing things. Well, the future stays open so check back to read more about gaming in the future.

Game Development

Game Development on my own games, like update posts every now and then and game design as it may appear every now and then will focus on the progress and ideas of games I develop as well as general game design practices and my opinion on it. So as a game designer or game development enthusiast there should be something for you here.


Something that is very prominent on my blog is theorycrafting. Theorycrafting is the mathematical analysis of game mechanics to take advantage from it. This in combination with game theory is something you will see very commonly on my blog. Though compared to Game Theory (channel on Youtube) I try to do things differently by explaining how I came to a certain solution or how I calculated the data that results. I also hope that this may inspire other people to get into theorycrafting and even take something from it for school or their life, Tangential Learning basically.


I like philosophy and I enjoy to talk about weird things and doing some thought experiences. Imagine the world was created yesterday and everything including you has come to be at that point even your memories. Does our life matter? Are there parallel universes? Is everything just a simulation? etc. etc. ~ "Hakuna Matata."


Nearly everyone knows Harry Potter. Nearly everyone knows a wizard, if it's one from a book, from a movie, from a game. Magic, more commonly known as magick to prevent ambiguity, has been experienced by everyone once in their life. Though it may not be just fantasy. I dived into the world of magic from a skeptical and scientific point of view learning a lot of stuff. So I want to share the wisdom and knowledge I pick up without saying too much to prevent other people who've been in these many years not to get too angry. After all, this is very powerful and could result in a disaster if it falls in the wrong hands. At least that's what I got told.

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I'm a junior game developer and software developer and I created this blog to share my ideas, thoughts and whatever I'm working on or doing.