24 March 2018

WildStar: The Value of Pure Soulfrost

I know I'm about two years late but I finally finished my reputation in Arcterra. Now I can finally spend my soulfrost on anything! But what comes afterward? How do I spend soulfrost from contracts after I've bought everything?

Arcterra What's That?

Arcterra is the last daily area that has been added to WildStar. Map-wise it's a completely new area that is placed deep in the arctic continent of Nexus. As such it's a huge snow landscape, obviously containing ancient eldan constructs but old osun constructs as well. This area is famous for rewarding you the famous item level 85 and upgraded item level 90 gear but also for the first class-set which was previously only available in the genetic archives. It's also very

Where Do I Get Pure Soulfrost?

Pure soulfrost is rewarded for almost anything you do in Arcterra. Killing mobs, doing dynamic events, killing bosses, participating in events and even from doing the challenges. So basically, just play the map. It stacks up to 1000 per inventory slot and cannot be sold or traded. It is soul bound.

Once you got the pure soulfrost you can use this to buy different items such as costumes, toys, pets, mounts, mount fashion, rune foci and class sets, rune bags, housing decor, housing unlocks such as music and skies, equip and more.

Determining the Value of Pure Soulfrost

Now let's get to the actual interesting part for those who are through with Arcterra. If you happen to get soulfrost or maybe you're even interested in farming it as this area is more fun you might want to use these for something interesting. Now, of course, trading post may make certain items better than others the EU trading post is nearly dead. So I'm gonna go with the vendor prices. Additionally, the soulfrost bags contain 10 gold items in it but their drops need to be researched.  Thus I'm going to skip this bag as well.

So, we'll look through all the items that are sold and we're gonna categorize them by their soulfrost buy price and gold, silver, copper sell price.

Here's a table copying my spreadsheet listing how I've categorized the items. It contains the name of the item or category, the pure soulfrost you have to spend on it, the sale price or the amount of copper you gain for selling the item and the rate that determines the worth of the soulfrost by dividing the amount of copper you gain divided by the amount of soulfrost you have.

On a side note: I will list the Spellslinger and light armor items as this is my main. The prices don't change between classes and armor types so you just need to find the respective one for your class and armor type.

Example: Soulstorm Pistols cost 325 soulsfrost and give us 5 gold 68 silver 96 copper. That's a rate of 56896 / 325 = 175.06 or about 1 silver 75 copper for each soulfrost.

Soulstorm Pistols32556896175.06
Soulweave Chestpiece30050800169.33
Soulrange Generator25040640162.56
Soulweave Leggings30045720152.4
Soulweave Coif27540640147.78
Soulweave Boots25035560142.24
Frozen Echo30040640135.47
Soulblown Coil25032512130.05
Soulblown Booster25032512130.05
Soulweave Mantle27535560129.31
Soulweave Gloves25030480121.92
Soulblown Energizer2502438497.54
Imbuement 5005004556291.12
Imbuement 5505504556282.84
Imbuement 6006004556275.94
Tier 2 Mount2004192.09
Tier 3 Mount2004192.09
Tier 4 Mount2004192.09
Tier 1 Decor111
Pure Class Focus - Minor3501120.32
Pure Class focus - Major8751350.15
Tier 3 Decor1520.13
Tier 2 Decor1010.1
Tier 4 pet12540.03
Housing biome10030.03
Tier 4 Music10020.02
Tier 4 Housing15020.01
Tier 3 Color15010.01
Tier 5 mount 75050.01

Turns out I can directly copy this from my spreadsheet. I feel amazed.


Good thing I already sorted the list using spreadsheet magic. So the result is obvious. The best item to gain the most from soulfrost and that also defines the value of pure soulfrost is the item level 85 weapon you can buy from the soulfrost vendor.
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