29 August 2018

Guild Wars 2: Precursor Collection Workload

Lately, I've been working on the first category of all the precursor collections there are. Since the collections are usually built in a pattern that goes like: "treasure hunt", "materials and grind", "treasure hunt" or similarly I expected the first collection to go down fast. Well, seems like a few of these nice ones actually require for you to wait and wait hour and hours for events to occur. How bothersome. Well, not that you can't use this time to do other things... so here we go.

Precursor Collections

Precursor collections were an addition that came to Guild Wars 2 with the Heart of Thorns add-on. Mastering legendary crafting allows you to start off collections that after finishing all tiers allow you to craft a precursor. In case you don't know what this is, a precursor is one of the items that is used to craft legendary weapons. As the name already tells it's the base weapon or the preceding weapon that is required and my god the open-world drop chance is extremely low on these. Is it comparable with Diablo III's primal ancients? No, it's even rarer than that.

Anyways there's an accumulation of 34 legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2 currently. 25 of these have a legendary collection. What we're going to do is check what we have to do for each tier of each legendary and then sum it all up to know our goal. Again we're not planning on building the legendaries themselves yet. We're only focusing on the precursor collections. Believe me, that's gonna be enough for a lifetime most likely.

Material and Currency Cost For One Precursor

Let's look at the cost of a single one first. For this, I'm gonna take a loot at Astralaria. Here's a list of all the materials that are needed to craft The Mechanism using the precursor collection.
  •  40x Jug of Water
  •  30x Bronze Ingot
  •  30x Darksteel Ingot
  •  280x Iron Ingot
  •  1580x Mithril Ingot
  •  148x Orichalcum Ingot
  •  30x Steel Ingot
  •  770x Elder Wood Plank
  •  20x Green Wood Plank
  •  20x Hard Wood Plank
  •  22x Ancient Wood Plank
  •  20x Soft Wood Plank
  •  20x Seasoned Wood Plank
  •  45x Glob of Ectoplasm
  •  10x Lump of Primordium
  •  150x Obsidian Shard
  •  62x Pile of Crystalline Dust
  •  1x Charged Lodestone
  •  1x Onyx Lodestone
  •  1x Molten Lodestone
  •  1x Glacial Lodestone
  •  3x Silver Doubloon
  •  3x Gold Doubloon
  •  3x Copper Doubloon
  •  100x Karka Shell
  •  25x Passion Flower
  •  3x Vial of Condensed Mists Essence
  •  125x Quartz Crystal
  •  250x Pile of Bloodstone Dust
  •  26x Spiritwood Plank
  •  50x Deldrimor Steel Ingot
  •  10x Elonian Leather Square
  •  600x Thermocatalytic Reagent
  •  100x Shard of Glory
  •  100x Memory of Battle
  •  60x Pile of Coarse Sand
  •  25x Stabilizing Matrix
  •  100x Sheet of Aurillium
  •  5x Black Diamond
And this is the currency needed for Hobbs:
  • 5 Gold and 80 Copper
  • 1000x Bandit Crest
  • 400x Geodes
  • 10x Spirit Shards

Total Cost

Well, now let's do the same thing we did with Astralaria / The Mechanism with all the other 24 legendary weapon collections. Sum it all up and in the end, you get the result. Since there are 142 different items included I'm gonna write it like the tags on the right menu bar thingy of this page. That means all 142 will be listed from most to least needed amount with a size respective to the amount.

Required Currency for Hobbs:
Copper: ~120 Gold 01 Silver 60 Copper
Karma: 720216
Bandit Crests: 24000
Geodes: 9600
Spirit Shards: 240

Required Materials:
Mithril Ingot (26643), Elder Wood Plank (21990), Thermocatalytic Reagent (7057), Pile of Bloodstone Dust (6510), Cured Thick Leather Square (5210), Shard of Glory (2930), Memory of Battle (2930), Copper Ore (2450), Obsidian Shard (2396), Iron Ore (2200), Karka Shell (2200), Thick Leather Section (2000), Orichalcum Ingot (1892), Jug of Water (1106), Pile of Crystalline Dust (1077), Ancient Wood Plank (1033), Quartz Crystal (767), Darksteel Ingot (730), Iron Ingot (706), Deldrimor Steel Ingot (650), Stabilizing Matrix (530), Spiritwood Plank (506),Cured Thin Leather Square (490), Lump of Coal (470), Bronze Ingot (455), Steel Ingot (455), Green Wood Plank (425), Hard Wood Plank (425), Soft Wood Plank (425), Seasoned Wood Plank (425), Pile of Coarse Sand (410), Rugged Leather Section (400), Dragonite Ore (400), Empyreal Fragment (400), >Cured Coarse Leather Square (390), Cured Hardened Leather Square (390), Passion Flower (375), Pouch of Red Pigment (345), Pouch of Yellow Pigment (345), Pouch of Blue Pigment (345), Cured Rugged Leather Square (340), Glob of Ectoplasm (313), Elder Wood Log (300), Elonian Leather Square (256), Copper Ingot (252), Platinum Ingot (250), Pile of Glittering Dust (235), Silver Ingot (210), Sheet of Coarse Paper (210), Lump of Primordium (200), Crystal Core (110), Pile of Radiant Dust (100), Sheet of Aurillium (100), Sun Bead (85), Silver Doubloon (72), Gold Doubloon (72), Copper Doubloon (72), Stretched Rawhide Leather Square (60), Brick of Clay (50), Glob of Dark Matter (41), Molten Lodestone (39), Glacial Lodestone (39), Stick of Butter (30), Piece of Candy Corn (30), Pouch of Orange Pigment (30), Pouch of Green Pigment (30), Pouch of Purple Pigment (30), Onyx Lodestone (29), Bag of Flour (28), Charged Lodestone (27), Vicious Fang (20), Egg (19), Glass of Buttermilk (17), Bag of Sugar (14), Vanilla Bean (14), Sheet of Ambrite (13), Pile of Vile Essence (11), Rice Ball (10), Seaweed (10),Gold Ingot (10),Spool of Gossamer Thread (10), Armored Scale (10), Large Scale (10), Glacial Core (10), Destroyer core (10), Pearl (10), Corrupted Core (10), Carnelian Nugget (10), Sunstone Lump (10), Emerald Orb (10), Opal Orb (10), Mystic Binding Agent (10), Watchwork Sprocket (10), Black Diamond (10), Icy Runestone (10), Mystic Crystal (8), Bolt of Cotton (6), Asparagus Spear (5), Bolt of Gossamer (5), Pile of Shimmering Dust (5), Vicious Claw (5), Vial of Condensed Mists Essence (5), Bolt of Damask (5), Packet of Salt (4), Cheese Wedge (4), Black Peppercorn (4), Superior Sigil of Mischief (4), Lunar New Year Firework (4), Slab of Poultry Meat (3), Coral Tentacle (3), Opal Crystal (3), Watchwork Mechanism (3), Onion (2), Bottle of Soy Sauce (2), Portobello Mushroom (2), Green Onion (2), Molten Core (2), Augur's Stone (2), Mordrem Lodestone (2), Jar of Vegetable Oil (1), Head of Garlic (1), Spinach Leaf (1), Parsley Leaf (1), Chili Pepper (1), Cherry (1), Tarragon Leaves (1), Shallot (1), Bottle of Elonian Wine (1), Powerful Venom Sac (1), Large Skull (1), Crystal Lodestone (1), Emerald Crystal (1), Ruby Crystal (1), Sapphire Crystal (1), Beryl Crystal (1), Snow Diamond (1), Anthology of Heroes (1)

Alright, well... there's no time to lose I'm gonna work on this while you can enjoy the other posts of my blog or something... kinda sounds unfair.

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