01 October 2018

Guild Wars 2: Ways to get the Sigil of Nullification

I'm still having internet issues when surfing the web, gaming, Teamspeak and discord work just fine. Well, anyways. I have reached the step for which you need the Superior Sigil of Nullification for the Elegy or Requiem armor that has been added with the most recent living story update "A Star to Guide Us".

Sigil of Nullification

This sigil is a unique item that doesn't have a major or minor variant. Additionally, it can't be crafted. Since you need 20 of these for the armor achievement "The Convergence of Sorrow II: Requiem" the big question is... Where do you get them from?

There are a few ways like looking it up on the wiki. Namely:
  • An item choice once you reach level 64
  • Through the mystic forge
  • Trading Post
  • Salvaging certain weapons

Item Choice Once You Reach Level 64

This requires a character slot or characters you haven't leveled to 64 yet. Though leveling characters up to 64 takes quite some time. We want something faster. If you have them lying around you could use the birthday level up boosts. These provide you with 19, 29, 39, 49, 59 levels when starting from one. If you threw them away like be because you didn't know what to do with them there's still hope. The Tomes of Knowledge can be used to increment your character's level. Each tome rewards one level. This means you need 63 tomes for each Superior Sigil of Nullification. Simple calculation. 20 sigils 63 tomes each 20 * 63 = 1260 Tomes of Knowledge required.

Through the Mystic Forge

There is a 20% chance to get an upgraded version or superior sigil out of throwing in 4 major sigils. Now keep in mind that the superior sigil you get may not be the one you want. Exact data on which ones you can get are not known. Hence we can't calculate the exact chance. Though since you get a lot of major sigils, I'm gonna try to figure this out and add this to my research page.

Stay tuned for that ;)

Trading Post

Straight forward, buy it for its high price or buy a weapon that you can salvage to get it out. Though from what I've seen the weapons are even more expensive.

Salvaging Certain Weapons

This goes more or less hand in hand with the one I mentioned above but I've noticed looking at the weapons that there are some that you can farm for. There are also some you can craft but those have a higher crafting cost than buying the weapon or sigil itself. Anyways the ones I noticed are the named exotic weapons such as Arc or Soulstone. First, one can be found in champion bags, the latter can be found via raids.

[UPDATE] Silverwastes

How could I have not noticed this? In Silverwastes you can get a ton of champion bags by opening the lost bandit chests with bandit skeleton keys. Each key/chest rewards you with one bag. This is the most efficient way to get tons of champion bags. Making it most likely the most effective unreliable source of the Sigils. Remember it's a chance, it's not guaranteed. 

About the Tomes of Knowledge

I took my liberty to take the price of the Superior Sigil of Nullification (~15 gold at the time) and divide it through the number of Tomes of Knowledge you need to reach level 64 since I've heard you can sell that sigil. 15 / 64 = 0.2343 gold or 23 silver and 43 copper. If this sounds interesting to you, you can now make quite an okay sum using your Tomes of Knowledge.

And with that, GreenyNeko out. The next post is gonna be about the raid infusions that you can buy now.

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