12 March 2019

Fortune Telling: It Is a Delicate Thing [1/3]

Some guy or gal draws some cards puts them on the table and tells you something. That's what card reading is, right? Funnily real card reading or fortune-telling in itself is quite delicate.

Why Is It a Delicate Thing?

Telling the future shows one of the prominent features of magick as well as an issue. Let's start with the issue since it's easy for anyone to comprehend regardless of background.

Fortune Telling Issue

Before I can get into the issue we need to clarify the following. In this case, I'm gonna assume that destiny is not a fixed thing or can be changed in one or another way. If we assume that destiny is fixed, whether or not you do fortune-telling doesn't matter. Regardless of whether or not you do it, the outcome has already been determined and your decision to do or not do fortune-telling has been determined as well.

On the contrary, if destiny is not fixed this means the future has not been determined and fortune-telling changes the future. If we assume you do fortune telling to find something out about the future your new-found knowledge changes the future. The fallacy here is that you would have to do another session of fortune telling to determine the new future that was created by your first round. Despite your efforts, you would never be able to reach a state where you would actually know the future to a maximum of precision since there's always variability and the result changes with each attempt.

I mean.. you could make this into a super task if you have nothing else to do in your life...

Fortune Telling And Accuracy

You often hear people making fun over how inaccurate calls from fortune-telling people are. Hey, those who fake it even try to get the information out of you. There is a reason why it's done in fortune-telling. While a professional person may not even try to go into detail and to keep it vague they're not doing it because they want to, it's because of another principle of magick. The principle is similar to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. To keep it short and simple: "The vaguer the statement is, the higher the chance of it being true.". This means we have either an inaccuracy of the statement or inaccuracy of its occurrence. The goal for a fortune teller at that point is to hit the sweet spot where you get the most accurate information at the highest chance of occurrence. While mathematically this may not seem too difficult to determine, there are still a ton of factors counting into it. Hence words should be chosen very carefully. When there are utensils like Tarot cards these utensils are kept vaguely as well. There are two reasons with one being the accuracy and the second being the compatibility of the utensil. The more meaning something has the more versatile it is when using it for magick.


Did you foresee the post of the post? Errr... anyways, this is one of a three-parter I'm gonna write. This one talks about foreseeing the future or fortune-telling in general. The next one will fixate on card reading and the last one will give an example of card reading with Magic: The Gathering cards.
Well.. at least giving an example on how it could be done. I need to mix something else into it in the meantime.... hmmm...

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