22 April 2019

Fortune Telling: Using Magic the Gathering Cards [3/3]

In the first two posts, I mentioned some issues while explaining how fortune-telling, specifically card reading works. Now as promised I'm gonna explain how, why and that using Magic the Gathering cards works too.

It Shows Again and Again

You can literally use anything for magick. As ridiculous as it sounds, I've already made a post about using the Guild Wars 2 gods in rituals. It isn't any different here. Again anything we use is just a tool and as long as it helps us achieve the goal it's good.

So, How And Why Do Magic the Gathering Cards Work?

In the previous post, I explained how to make your own positioning and how it works. The idea behind everything is that your unconscious knows what each card and position means. So all you have to do is assign meaning to the cards in Magic the Gathering that is not too obvious (we don't want your consciousness to instantly know the meaning. It needs to be vague enough but so that your unconsciousness knows it). I really need to get into the kabbalistic model as soon as possible to not have to beat the corn around the bushes. 

Let's start off with color. The Magic the Gathering Cards or cut into five different colors:

  • Black - Swamp, Death
  • Red - Mountain, Fire, Lava, Magma, Goblin, Dwarf
  • White - Light, Sun, Field, Human
  • Blue - Island, Water, Sea, Ocean
  • Green - Wood, Forest
Each color has an element assigned to it as well as a landscape (mana) and creatures, spells, etc.. This means that each color brings forth certain feelings and interpretations of it. We can even elaborate on the meanings of each. For example, the blue cards are assigned to water and water stands for calmness or for flow. Technically you could even go as far as to say it stands for the flow of time. Additionally, it could mean sadness, etc..

Once you've elaborate on each card you are pretty much good with the basics. Next up you could specialize on the card type, like working with the lifetime of a card. For example, something with an instant could be immediate, standing in front of the door so to speak, while a creature represents something that is going on for a longer time. Mana or land could be compared to something for the whole life. You can get creative with this. (I do have to admit I didn't go so deep into it.)

Next Up The Positioning

The positioning allows infinite possibilities. You can literally think about anything you want. When I went for it I wanted to read my future grades. Thus I simply went for order from left to right with the most important one being to the left, so: math, German, physics, English, technology. You can go with anything, as complex as you want or as simple as you want. Just familiarize yourself with it enough not learning it in and out though.

The Result

Well, the result was the worst one could expect. I got black on three to four of the subjects one some water too. The weirdest part, though to be expected. I barely passed with multiple fives or E's. Luckily the grades were combined with the ones I got over the year and the oral exam in physics was a one or A. (five/E on written exam one/A on oral exam.. interesting). Well, maybe it's a coincidence, stay skeptical, it seems very odd nonetheless though. 

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