26 June 2019

Guild Wars 2: Ultra Shiny Like a Skritt - What Did It Cost?

The perfect title for every Skritt fan. Okay for collectors, achievement hunters and completionists too, or people who want animated weapons that were made out of litter shinies. However, as the popular Thanos meme quotes so well: "What did it cost?"

Not Everything

Luckily for us, it doesn't cost everything, but what does it cost exactly? Well, there are five weapons. The recipes follow a pretty simple schematic. First, you craft the shiny weapon and then you craft the ultra shiny weapon. Both recipes work through the mystic forge. For the shiny weapons you will need:
  • 3x Elder Wood Log
  • 1x Quartz Crystal
  • 3x Condensed Ley-Line Essence of one certain color
  • 3x Condensed Ley-Line Essence of a different certain color
The color of the Condensed Ley-Line Essences defines which type of weapon you get. More about that later. First, this is what you need for the ultra shiny weapon:
  • 1x The specific shiny weapon
  • 1x Charged Core
  • 3x Condensed Ley-Line Essence of one certain color
  • 3x Condensed Ley-Line Essence of a different certain color
As you can see from a material cost point aside from the Condensed Ley-Line Essence and the Charged Core these are standard materials. Maybe you need to farm a little bit of Quartz Crystals depending on whether you get them through your home instance or occasionally mined them on one of the specific maps that have these (e.g. Dry Top).

We can fuse these two recipes, build the union or inherit the one from the other. Whichever you prefer in the end the result should be:
  • 3x Elder Wood Log
  • 1x Quartz Crystal
  • 1x Charged Core
  • 6x Condensed Ley-Line Essence of one certain color
  • 6x Condensed Ley-Line Essence of a different certain color
This is needed five times for each weapon but before we do that, let's see which Condensed Ley-Line Essences we need.

Condensed Ley-Line Essences

Looking through the Guild Wars 2 official wiki[1] gives us a quick breakdown on which Condensed Ley-Line Essence is needed for which weapon (demonstrated by the following table).

Weapon/Essence Crimson Saffron Azure Emerald
Rifle X X
Pistol X X
Short Bow X X
Staff X X
Torch X X
It's every permutation except Saffron and Emerald. (either they got bored, ran out of time, the artists were striking or they can't do math :P) By looking at the amount of X's vertically we can multiply that number with how many we need per weapon to get the total amount we need.
  • Crimson: 3 * 6 = 18
  • Saffron: 2 * 6 = 12
  • Azure: 3 * 6 = 18
  • Emerald: 2 * 6 = 12
Before the 25th of June, you had to kill at least 60 bosses for these. Unfortunately, the exact drop rate on every single boss could not be found out even though there was noticeably a pattern since certain bosses favored or some probably guaranteed a certain color.

Screenshot of the Preview of a Djinn Energy Cluster
Now they no longer drop since the Destabilizing Magic event ended. They're still available in the game though. There are primarily two ways to get them. One way is to buy the Djinn Energy Cluster from the Trading Post. At the time of writing this post, they're worth 51 silver and 56 copper. Unfortunately, their price will most likely increase. These used to drop from the world bosses additionally to the Condensed Ley-Line Essences which could've been mined. They can still be bought from the raiding vendor by using the Condensed Ley-Line Essences. The Condensed Ley-Line Essences are in the Uncommon tier of the Djinn Energy Cluster, which is even less efficient (could be worse though). 

The alternative would be to buy it from the raid vendor.
at the raid vendor, it costs 10 Gaeting Crystals and 20 silver. Aside from the Gaeting Crystals, which are capped at 150 per week. It's a lot cheaper than the Djinn Energy Cluster, which does not guarantee a drop.

For Such A Shiny Title...

Summing everything up we need the following to finish the collection.
  • 3 * 5 = 15; 15x Elder Wood Log
  • 1 * 5 = 5; 5x Quartz Crystal
  • 1 * 5 = 5; 5x Charged Core
  • 18x Crimson Condensed Ley-Line Essences
  • 12x Saffron Condensed Ley-Line Essences
  • 18x Azure Condensed Ley-Line Essences
  • 12x Emerald Condensed Ley-Line Essences
If you decide to buy these Ley-Line Essences from the raid vendor. It would cost 10 * 60 = 600 Gaeting crystals (600 / 150 = 4 weeks of raiding) and 20 * 60 = 1200 silver, a.k.a. 12 gold.

At this point, it's also interesting whether you can make money out of the Djinn Energy Cluster

Well, I'll leave that up to you. Anyways that's it for this post. The Dragon Bash Festival post will come tomorrow or on Friday, depending on whether or not I hit the project deadline for the university project. Happy farming.. or.. something!

[1] https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Shiny_weapons

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