2nd December Dreams

 I remember two dreams. In the first

- I recall that me and some other people were walking with a bus driver from one station to another because there was no bus at the current station

- then we miraculously teleported into a huge room where we eat food together

Second dream:

- I was chilling on the bed with my mom and then dropped down for some reason and saw a mirror down there that had a reflection of my mom in it, which made no sense

- I told my mom about that and she was creeped out

- then she disappeared into the kitchen and I stayed on the bed

- there was this  black figure at the edge of the bed and I triggered it and it started to pull away any blanket I pushed near it

- I asked it a few things but it didn't seem to have any bad intentions

- then there was this little figure without legs like a doll

- I approached it and it told a story about a mom that loved her children so much that she used magic to get transformed into a mirror to stay with her children explaining the story of the mirror below the bed

- after I got out of the bedroom, there was Marques Brownlee talking to me

- I didn't trust him and carefully stayed distant but when I did approach him he grabbed my arm and I grabbed a part of the kitchen where my mom was

- Also I said Mark Ass Brownlee in the dream lol, thanks PewDiePie

- There was a remark for anal particles on the bed even though no anal sex has been done (wtf?)

Well that's all I remember for today

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