6th December Dreams

 First dream of what I remember

- I was eating at a restaurant with my family and another one

- then the other families position seemed to move

- and I chased after

- I wanted to eat roasted duck but there was a disagreement

- after that, the room got much smaller and it turned into a light puzzle

- The controls were weird, kinda felt like a VR game now that I think about it

- every time I screwed up I had to completely reset the room instead of being able to test around

- It was quite complex and realistic like the reflection angles didn't seem discrete

Next dream I was in a weird part of the university just exploring it because I've never been there

- then I went up and suddenly woke up in an unfinished room where parts of my family were talking and working on it and a person was looking around checking everything out that has been said.

- then all of a sudden the room was completely done looking like a pretty nice living place

- except that there was no bed or kitchen it was just a huge living room, maybe a bit too many chairs and tables for my taste haha xD

I also dreamed of a dark souls or Hollow Knight like 2D hentai game (you can level up by killing enemies to get stronger and when you die your souls are left behind)... let's not talk about that.

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