This page includes any on-going research. Since research takes time and results may change over time I figured I'm gonna need a page where people can check in on unfinished research. Of course, you can always suggest me research via Twitter or E-mail or some other place you can contact me on.

1. Data Available

1.1 Magick Aptitude Test Using Dices

I mentioned a possible magick aptitude test. It bases on a concept explained by Frater V. D. and uses dices to test it out. This is a long term experiment.

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1.2 Guild Wars 2: Dolyak Research

Dolyaks play a huge role in the World vs World of Guild Wars 2. A much bigger role than most would believe. Each Dolyak that reaches its destination increases the point count by one. Now imagine how many Dolyaks walk around. However the longer the traveling path the fewer points per time limit they give. The research now focuses on the times from different start points to different destinations.

2. Work in Progress

2.1 Guild Wars 2: PvP and WvW Reward Tracks

Which is the best reward track? It's hard to tell with all the random drops but when we don't know what to do there is one way: empirically. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time and PvP/WvW potions. So, I wouldn't mind any help.

Progress so far: 

2.2 Language Acquisition

The idea of language acquisition is to acquire a language through maximizing input (specifically reading and hearing). I've stopped to learn Japanese and try this technique out. If it works well enough, I will start to work on a game focusing on this in step two.

3. Planned

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