10 September 2021

Interactive Post: How Long Guild Wars 2 WvW Reward Tracks Take [Updated]

The post is now up to date with the 9th November patch! There's a comparison with the old system at the end.

With Elona neither being green nor dominating any matches, I couldn't finish the World versus World
(WvW) Dolyak research yet. However, I noticed an inaccuracy in Guild Wars 2 wiki's minimum WvW reward track time.

Screenshot of the World vs World Reward Track Tab
from Guild Wars 2 by GreenyNeko
What Are The World vs World Reward Tracks?

Players find the reward tracks in their tab in the WvW window. By playing WvW, they gain participation, determining how much reward track progress they get every 5-minute match tick. This table shows the progress given the variables.[2]

Map Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6
Core WvW Maps 0 25 60 95 125 160 195
Edge of the Mists 0 19 46 76 90 120 146

The following buffs further increase these:[2]

Buff Bonus
Guild Enhancement: World Reward Track 3-10%
Experience Booster 50%
Black Lion Boost 25%
Festival Gobbler Boost 25%
Celebration Bonus 10%
WvW Reward Track Enrichment 5%
Call of War 25%

The buffs sum up to 1.0+0.1+0.5+0.25+0.25+0.1+0.05+0.25=1.5 or 150%. Given that reward tracks need 20000 points, the wiki's supposed minimum estimate is 20000/(195*(1.0+1.25))*5=228 minutes or 3h 50m.[2]

The Discrepancy

But there are two more sources of reward track progress: Dailies and the skirmish reward track. Since a day has 24 hours and ticks happen every five minutes, we get (24*60)/5=288 ticks. Add that dailies awards players 3*250=750 progress[1] we gain 750/288=2.60 per tick.

The skirmish reward track gives players one to seven 25 point-rewarding-Instant Reward Track Progress. The amount and frequency depend on the player's skirmish track progress. More on it over at Guild Wars 2: Time Consumption of WvW Pips.[1]

First Interactive Post! Woooo!

With all the variables, I leave the selection to the reader, allowing them to choose the calculation and result of their interest.





[1] Guild Wars 2

[2] https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/WvW_Reward_Track

[3] https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/104411-game-update-notes-november-9-2021/

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