03 January 2019

Starting Off 2019 With the BEST DREAM EVER!

Looks like 2019 start off great. Seriously, I have no idea how you could ever come up with such a weird idea. Well, technically it's not me that created it who writes this text here, no, it's actually me that's where without me knowing, the unconsciousness.

From Time to Time

I have some weird dreams every now and then sometimes about video games. I remember having a dream about Minecraft and some Albion online, Shakes & Fidget game thingy. So, I guess it's not all uncommon to me. Though most of my dreams do make sense in some kind of way. This one though... it seems like someone had too many drugs. Let's just get to it.

The Dream

The dream started off with me being followed by some weird creature that's kinda like a purple alien hornet similar to the Queen Alien Hornet of Terraria[1], though instead of a longer part on the abdomen or a stinger, it was just flat. And for some kind of reason, it was following me and I had to run away. I suddenly was given a bottle with liquid in it and I felt the need to use it as a skateboard. After using it for a while I thought it would be faster after emptying it so I emptied it and continued skating it. The surrounding area was a mall with people and all kinds of stuff. There were some spots every few meters were you had or could do something that I can't even describe in detail. One time it was carefully smacking the bottle into a wine glass.. yeah, I don't know. At the end of the mall, I didn't know where it continued and I ran into a few dead ends. To get out of one that was quite high I didn't know what to do. I thought about jumping down but I wasn't sure about the damage it could do. So I threw the bottle down to see if it would break. It did not. This still hasn't convinced me from jumping so I went down the stairs which was when the alien hornet already got close and a reaper like a creature that seemed like it was following me as well stood in my way. I jumped over the reaper tried to get the bottle, which was now a coca-cola can that someone took and put into their pants. I followed them trying to get it but wasn't able to outrun the alien hornet that way.

If I remember correctly I woke up after that. It was too early yet since it seemed to be dark out. So I tried to get back to sleep. Successfully!

I had the same dream then, well, sorta. Again similar mall, still a bottle but I was followed by a zombie this time. Well, multiple so it seemed, as every few meters a new zombie followed me if I outran one, but I was much slower this time around, I tried to use a shortcut through some stairs down into an alley, but I wasn't able to skate the bottle slowing me down even further I tried to throw one of the mall humans in the way of the zombie... err... let's say at this point that the dream did feel like a video game, I wouldn't ever do that in real life. I even feel bad about hurting insects and try to avoid even that.

A Game?

Let's see.. so the goal was to survive or get as far as possible. We were followed by an alien hornet at first, later on by a reaper. There seemed to be a different mode or difficulty that had zombies follow the player. The player is given a bottle that can be between full and empty which influences the player in some way. and is used to skate through the level. In both cases the levels were malls. Different paths can give speed boosts if used correctly to outrun the enemy. Additionally, there were multiple mini-games and things that speed you up.

So, yeah. This can be translated into a game quite easily. It does take a few extra steps. There are too many uncertainties yet.

Also... no idea if people would play this. That's the issue with these... weird... games.

By the way, if you're a game dev and you want to make this at minimum giving credits would be more than appreciated. I'm certain my unconsciousness wouldn't appreciate you claiming this as your own, I guess?

[1] https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Alien_Queen
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