1. Available

1.1 Picross

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Picross or Nonograms are puzzle games. The goal is to use the given hints (the numbers above and left of the interactive field) to determine which field should be filled or not. Solving the puzzle will show some kind of picture.

1.2 Minesweeper

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Minesweeper is one of the first games I've ever played on a computer. Now you can play it on my blog. Well, at least a variation of it. No, the high scores are not saved. This is a blog, not a website. Well, I don't have a database that is what I want to say.

1.3 Against the World

Against the World is a small little adventure RPG game inspired by Undertale, Earthbound and my annoyance at life. The basic premise is you literally fighting objects of the world or of common life, like a pencil or a cupboard, while having different options to attack, defend or interact followed by ridiculous text commentary.

1.4 1D Target Shooting

You want to see a real 1D game? Yes, I did it. I have created this beautiful monster of a 1D game, and it plays quite simple while being visually complicated. Just hit space, when there's a target above the checkerboard to gain points.

1.5 MayoOverlayGame

Do you learn Kanjis by reading online articles or mangas? Wanna increase your inspiration by gamifying your reading experience in an Osu inspired overlay kind of way? Then MayoOverlayGame is something worth checking out! Well, it might be worth checking out either way but yeah.

2. Work In Progress

2.1 NihonYoGemu

Another Osu inspired Japanese reading game. Create level files share them with others and learn how to read Kanji!

3. On Hold

3.1 Drakonur

Drakonur is a point and click-RPG game inspired by Shakes & Fidget and Guild Wars 1. The idea is to capture a huge game world that can be traveled allowing the player to unlock tons of skills to strategically use against other players or enemies.

3.2 Arcana Magika

Arcana Magika is a panel de pon game inspired by Tetris Attack and Touhou.  The base game works exactly like Tetris Attack and may be published separately. The final game will include characters similar to heroes in MOBAs with active and passive abilities. Combining certain colors fills your energy. Once the resource is full you can use your active ability.

3.3 Terraria 3D

In an attempt to improve my Unity skills and game development skills as well as a fan of Terraria and being told by many friends that they don't like or want to play Terraria as it is a 2D game I'm working on a Terraria 3D game, whether or not this project will be publicly available depends on the consent of the Terraria developers, artists and music/sound designers.

3.4 Paragon

Paragon is a weird idea trying to combine modern clicker games with the huge skill tree Skyforge once had. If these games are all about infinite progression, how about an extremely long taking skill tree to go through? Fight off the worst enemies humanity can imagine becoming the Paragon.

3.5 Nexaria Project

Think: Space shoot 'em up with fights more similar to Terraria's Calamity Mod Bosses crafting system and Binding of Isaac like random levels. The Nexaria Project is a universal adventure that mixes together many experiences from different games.

3.6 Discord RPG Bot

A Discord RPG Bot that lets you play a text RPG inspired by shakes & fidget and other Discord bots and games. Due to the change in the Discord API and python no longer updating this bot project has been put on hiatus.

4. Planned

4.1 WebLoad AI: The Game

This is a game that I came up with quick to earn quick money and yet it is only planned. The idea of it is to make a minesweeper clone in which it is your job to work your way through different levels. Each square represents a module of the web browser loads. It is your goal to click the modules to load them, however, some of the modules contain advertisement (representing the mines of minesweeper). Thus you have to load all the modules not containing ads to allow your users an add free surfing. Every 5 levels a new mechanic will be added. The advertisements that show up if you lose will be real ads and are one of the main ways to finance the game itself.

4.2 Principles of Magick

The bubble world theory is one of the principles I've explained on the blog before. The idea of this game is to explain that principle in a puzzle adventure style of game.
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