1. Available

1.1 OBSGW2FileSystem

Open Broadcast Software is a software that can be used to stream on twitch or other platforms. It has a feature to display text file content as a source. OBSGW2FileSystem downloads the data from the Guild Wars 2 API and saves this data into text files which can then be used by OBS.

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1.2 Guild Wars 2 Builder

A desktop app programmed in C++ using Qt with the primary intent of managing and storing build templates externally. Additionally, it might feature developing builds in it too and maybe more.


2. Work In Progress

2.1 Skill Tree Designer

Skill Tree Designer is a mobile phone app that can be used to design and create skill trees. Whether you want to design your own, represent the ones from games, do gamification, or represent other data in this structure this app will help you do it.

3. On Hold

3.1 OBSResourceFileSystem

Basically OBSGw2FileSystem but with more features including a node editor for modifying the data furthermore and maybe even do your own calculations with this data or doing something else? An event timer that increases with each world versus world kill? I may expand this furthermore to work with other resources not only with Guild Wars 2.. we'll see about that some other day.

4. Planned

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