25 July 2018

Guild Wars 2: Festival of the Four WInds Without Procrastination

I actually wonder how many people expected this blog post. I'm more curious about how many people expected the post to come today. Hmmm, there seems to be a pattern. Anyways just like every other event that has repeatable achievements or lots to do I'm analyzing how much you would need to do daily for once, to know for myself and secondly to see what ArenaNet is expecting us to do.

Festival Of The Four Winds

It's been three years since the last festival, celebrating the scion. The festival consists of many attractions, like venturing through the Bazaar in the Labyrinth Cliffs, collecting Sky Crystals, wondering where Kookoochoo has gone, enjoying three new adventures, two races (Skimmer race and Dolyak race), a meta event similar to the Casino Blitz from Amnoon, many vendors, two activities, a diving goggle, a confused brown cow, a depressed Sylvari, as well as the Crown Pavilion, with Watchknights to battle, bosses to defeat and challenge enemies including five new ones to beat.  The whole event goes from July the 24th to August the 14th.

Determining The Length

The length of the event plays a huge role in how much we do every day. The longer the event is the less we need to do each day. The shorter the event the more we need to do daily. This is the reason why I love developers telling how long events go. Since I write this on the 25th of July while waiting for the Skimmer race to try the two minutes and 30 seconds of achievement, I will calculate from the 25th on. So if we start counting on the 25th that's seven days until the next month and 14 more days until August the 14th. So we got 21 days for our event. Of course, you could argue that today doesn't really count as a day anymore and the event may end prematurely or while people are still at work on the 14th of August. Following the calculation and using your number of days left should be doable I think.

Getting Relevant Achievements

Next up let's look through the achievements and find the ones that fall into the category of achievements I usually calculate for this. These are achievements that would take too long to do in one day or are limited by some kind of time gate. A lot of the achievements that are probably going to be repeatable every year from the Four Winds Customs category fall into these. The Queen's Gauntlet basically contains almost only single time achievements except for doing a few fights and a few fights with a gambit. I'm not going to list those but doing one or more every day is enough for those. Crown Pavilion features doing the Boss Blitz meta event ten times and killing 50 of each category of enemy. I'm also not going to take these into consideration since they're done rather quickly. Most of the Festival of the Four Winds achievements consist of collecting something, which makes more sense to do in one run on your own or with a guide. The rest is basically do something once except for the Bundle Plunderer, which requires you to collect 250 Bundles of Loot from the meta. When I did the meta I usually about 50 in each round which means you're done in 2 meta events if you know where the event is placed in which phase, so again, nothing to worry about.
The only interesting one here is the Zephyrite Lost and Found, which can be done in a few runs on the map but let's list this one anyways.

Our final list contains:
  • Spectral Hand of the Market
  • Boss of Bosses
  • Four Winds Gale
  • Master of Markets
  • Ace Racer
  • Zephyrite Lost and Found

Spectral Hand Of The Market

Did you miss him already? Drooburt is back! This time he's not interested in candy, sweets or something to eat. This time he wants our Favor of the Bazaar and Favor of the Pavilion. Oh, and the Favor of the Festival. For the achievement, we need to open 10 of his Mystery Bags for each tier. With five tiers we will need 10 * 5 = 50 of these bags. These only contain two junk items and a masterwork or better gear item. For the Favor of the Bazaar and Favor of the Pavilion, you get each two Mystery Bags. If you get the Favor of the Festival which is created from the both previously named favors you get five Mystery Bags. This means you need 50 / 5 = 10 Favors of the Festival. Worst case you only get one favor each then you need 50 / 2 = 25 favors. If you have the Favor of the Bazaar lying around from three years ago, first of all, kudos, secondly good job, you have this achievement done. Since you can only get one to two favors a day, this will take at most 10 or 25 days.

Boss Of Bosses

This achievement is given by doing the Boss Blitz meta in the Crown Pavilion. Each rank of this achievement needs the meta to be finished five times. There are five ranks which results in 5 * 5 = 25 runs. If we divide this number by 21 days this means we need to do 25 / 21 = 1.19 or about two every 4th day and one each other day.

Four Winds Gale

For the Four Winds Gale, we need to do three daily achievements five times for each tier. Featuring ten tiers in total this means we need to do the daily 50 times. Since we can only do 21 to 22 this year, this means it'll take 50 / 21 = 2.38 or three years to finish this event if it returns every year from now on.

Master of Markets

This is technically done in a few seconds if you just spend some Globs of Ectoplasm or other materials you have lying around (like tier five materials), but... if we break it down to every day we need to open and buy 20 bags for each tier, with five tiers given. That means 20 * 5 = 100 bags. Which are 100 / 21 = 4.76 or almost five bags every day?

Ace Racer

Not a fan of racings, yet you still want this achievement? No problem! You only need to do three races per completion and five completions to cap the achievement points. That's only 3 * 5 = 15 races! Over 21 days that's 15 / 21 = 0.71. So, doing a race about every one to two days.

Zephyrite Lost And Found

For this achievement, you will need to find Zephyrite kite baskets throughout Tyria. These can be found at least in the level 15 to 25 areas or maps. They have a basket symbol on the map and are pretty much spread over large portions of the map. You basically just have to get to it and open it. And that 1 ... 60 times. If you do 60 / 21 = 2.86 or two to three every day. You're gonna have this achievement done.

There You Go!

Festival of the Four Winds without procrastination. With this being finally written it's time for the raid and the respective stream.

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