05 July 2018

Listen to Your Body?

Since I've been having issues with my sleep for quite some time, waking up all sleepy and being sleepy all day, I've looked for remedies for this. At some point, I started using the sleep detection feature from an alarm app I use on my smartphone because the original can't play through earbuds I came across this weird idea.

Listen To Your Body? What Do You Mean?

A few years ago I watched this video by Adam Conover which was about the truth of drinking eight gallons of water a day. In that video, an interesting and ridiculous simple point is being made. Why not drink when you're thirsty? It makes sense, your body knows when it needs something. You feel hungry when you need to eat, you feel thirsty when you need to drink, you feel the urge to go on the toilet when you need to empty your system, you feel pain when something is wrong, you feel cold when your bodies cooling down and you feel hot when your bodies heating up. By the way, check out Adam Conover's videos they're awesome - especially the older ones. Anyways, if you might not have guessed it, it should be the same as sleep. When you feel tired your body needs sleep.

Does It Actually Work?

Well, there are a few issues that you may have heard off and there are even some that kinda get me worried. If you ever experienced sleeping a long time, like ten hours or longer and wake up still tired then you know what worries me. If we assume that if you're tired you need sleep after sleeping for a long time waking up tired having to sleep more doesn't sound good. Worst case scenario, you would sleep through for multiple days. At least if we're assuming you always wake up restless after your sleep.

The other aspect where I see some issues is if you're really into something, which can sometimes be noticed by people who are addicted to something they might not notice or feel hunger for example. This means they won't know that their body needs food or even worse something to drink. As we all know, not drinking or eating for a certain amount of time results in a very serious illness called death.


Generally, it should work fine, however, I don't really trust it too much. I guess I'll give it a try for the upcoming weekend and let's see how it'll be going. If it actually works wonders I'm gonna do another post on it, if not, don't expect anything on that topic again. Just like the power napping experiment, which I aborted. It might have worked in the long run but something was off.

Sleeping Statistic

As I mentioned I use this app to track my sleeping and the app rates the sleep by a number between 0 and 100 while tracking information such as length of the R.E.M. (not the band) phase, amount of interruptions, length of sleep and last but not least sleep cycles. Here are the statistics listing my past 30 days or so. Ah, the high jump there was an error, for some reason, it counted the whole day as sleep. Yup, 23 hours of sleep. :P

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