31 July 2018

Magick Aptitude Test

So I've been thinking about the research I wanted to do on the One For All and energy control. To keep it short: If I really can control my energy and it works like One For All from Boku no Hero Akademia, I should be able to do a sprint in a shorter period in comparison. However, as I mentioned in the respective post this takes quite some time even if I keep it short and the results may not even be worth it so to say. However, I came up with another extremely simple test that takes a lot less time for every single execution but may take longer in the long run.

The Idea

If you read the magick oriented posts you should know this already but let's go into the details anyways. I remember from reading almost a year ago, Vrater V. D. wrote in the book "Schule der Hohen Magie" (approx. in engl.: school of high magic), that magic changes the chances of an occurrence by will. The example taken in the book assumes you want a meteor to hit exactly where you perform the ritual. The chance of a meteor hitting the earth, even more, hitting the earth exactly at this place is extremely low. Yet, using magic this chance can be increased.

I'm Not Planning on Suicide

Now, I'm not going to make that happen, I'm not planning on dying yet and I have no fun in having meteors crush down into the earth, even worse my home. The meteor thingy is just an example. I'm planning on something less dangerous that still can be extremely infuriating. I'm talking about dice. If you paid attention during the class in math - if you had stochastic... - you will know that dice has the same chance to land on each side. (Of course, this assumes a perfect dice, if you have one with holes in it or worse, numbers on it this might affect the balance, additionally damage done to it will also influence this). With every occurrence having the same chance this is called a Laplace experiment, by the way.

Throwing a Dice and Magic; How Is This Related?

If you combine both concepts explained in the paragraphs you may come upon this theory:

If throwing a dice infinitely results in each side showing up at the top equally often, this means that when using magick to influence the chances regardless of how often you throw it will occur more often. Even better, the higher the chance diverges the stronger the actor's aptitude to magic should be. At least that's the idea or concept behind.

Live/Life Research

I'm actually planning on posting all my ongoing research on my blog in the projects category under research. This project will listen there soon too probably. I mean the pure idea of this is ridiculous. You will need tons of dice throws for it to ever reach an equal distribution and secondly I doubt that my own magical power is strong enough to influence the chances so much that it's outside of the error margin.

Well, I guess we'll see.
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