30 June 2018

Is My Hero Academia's Full Cowl Possible? (Part 1)

A few months ago I made an episode on Midoriya's training in Boku No Hero Akademia or My Hero Academia, where I explained from a wizard's point of view that it could technically be a real thing. I'm interested in whether or not it's possible or plausible in real life, or if it's a myth to be busted.

Energy Control

I've also talked about being able to control what seems to be energy in my body, I can focus it or move it around, which basically seems to work very similar to the way All for One most likely works on Quirkless people. If we look at the ability of Full Cowl, we can see it primarily enhance the strength of the user, which in return allows Midoriya to increase his speed as well. This makes sense if you're applying more force to the ground or an object you jump off of the opposite force is applied to you allowing you to gain greater speed or higher jumps, Newton's third law.


If we assume "Full Cowl" to work the way we described it just now, it can be assumed that a person who is assumed to be able to control his bodies energy, Chi, Qi or any other phenomena similar in nature to enhance their bodily functions to increase the force applied to adjacent objects. As an example given a person who uses this phenomenon can increase their running speed.

The Experiment

I'm using that example for a good reason. If these hypotheses are indeed correct, I should be able to apply my practice from the past months to manipulate my running times. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that play in, especially since I'm anything but an athlete and at the same time I don't have that much spare time to spend. I still want to do this so I came up with a plan.

I want to measure the time it took on a certain distance while running and alone. Getting a distance is rather easy since all you need is a start and an endpoint. The sport place at my old primary school will do good since it's open space to my knowledge. For the time measurement, I will need a stopwatch that fits into my hand. It needs to be handy, as I'm going to stop the time myself and something like a smartphone won't do the trick. Since there's a time constraint I can't just run 24 hours, additionally there's the weak endurance I have. Another factor is the "getting warm" phenomena.

All these factors need to be added to it, so I came up with the following. I'm going to do some jogging first. Then I'll give myself just a measly five minutes of rest. After this, I'm going to do the first timed run. This will be a normal run to get the time without and modifications. This too will be followed by a break, but this time 15 minutes. This will be followed by another run now focusing the energy on my legs and feet. Assuming the way I described it earlier works this should yield a faster time. This too is followed by a 15 minutes break. After which I'm going to do a run using the "Full Cowl" technique. Then taking another rest of 15 minutes before I'm doing a last normal run as a control run to make up for the improvements since the first run.


While this schedule only gives me two normal control runs and each one enhanced and a "Full Cowl" run it is still a tight schedule. If the times of the "Full Cowl" and applying energy to my feet and legs should fall into the control run times, the experiment is over. However, if there's a slight but significant difference, the experiment should be reattempted on another date. The schedule I created here takes 5 + 15 + 15 + 15 = 50 minutes. It's neither too long nor too short. The result of these experiments may be a prove for there being more than we think, or I just might be one of the first people to evolve Quirk.

I have no plans on when to do this experiment yet and it heavily depends on a lot of factors in my real life. Well, at least I have this planned out now, hooray!

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