15 February 2018

Cursing and Free Speech

Alright, this is something completely different than all the other posts. This time I'm actually gonna write down my own opinion about something and that thing is free speech and cursing.

Youtube Demonetization

I don't get any of my videos monetized but that's not my fault. It's someone's fault thanks to who the monetization requirements were made more strictly. Though I can definitely say if my videos would get monetized I know exactly which ones wouldn't. Which ones it would be? Some of my streams and there's a simple reason behind it. I don't know about other people but I'm all Christian channel as PewDiePie would say it but - huge but - I may not be the calmest player. If some difficult part in a game gets me stuck or I'm close to losing something (Loss Aversion) or under stress due to the level design preventing you to find a safe place to calm down at some point with varying amounts of replays and tries I might start to get bumped and later quite angry. Up to the point that I start cursing.

Cursing Through Anger

There are many people worldwide who curse when angry. At the same time, you actually should differ between cursing meaning it as an insult and cursing to just let your anger out not addressing something or someone. An example for the first one would most often be at the game, the situation, yourself or even a character you identify yourself with. The second one would be the random unaddressed F-Word or some kind of trial to make it light weighted like seen on the GTLive streams on Youtube.
"Poop on a bisuit" 
~ Matthew Patrick

Can It Be Avoided?

Though can you avoid cursing even if you lose control of your body due to rage? I actually think it is possible. I'm also planning on experimenting with this too. My goal is to make my brain to jump to a random word instead of a curse or insult. However, I think it's rather hard. Basically, we're talking about breaking your habit. This is on the level of stopping something you unconsciously do.
"I'm breaking the habit, I'm breaking the habit tonight!" 
~ Linkin Park
Unconsciously is the right word here. Unfortunately, people are judged for being a bad influence because of their habits. Imagine someone getting no money for a whole day working because they picked their nose. I know this example is ridiculous but it perfectly displays the issue here.

Are Curses Really That Bad?

Maybe we should just accept that people curse and curses exist. At the end protecting our children from not learning these is very unlikely. I mean. Curses aren't that bad, are they? Well, aside from it being proven that letting your anger out is actually healthy we need to take a good look at curses.

So the interesting part here is.. what are curses? Basically, they are words that are frowned upon and sometimes used to insult someone. At the lowest level they're just words though. Imagine the word "Unicorn" was a curse. People would be like
  • "What the unicorn"
  • "Your moms a unicorn"
  • "For unicorn's sake"

Words Are Meaningless And Forgettable

Words themselves are meaningless. It's the meaning we give them and apply to them. Though doesn't this mean if you use words without a meaning behind them whatever you're saying is meaningless? It seems logical at least. Well if I curse due to being mad I didn't mean it or intend to use them in a bad way, it means these have no meaning - aside from the context which would result in the meaning "I'm angry and letting my anger out". In the end context matters.
"Words are trivial
Pleasures remain
So does the pain
Words are meaningless
And forgettable"
~ Depeche Mode

Moving On

So what happens if we prevent people from experiencing these words and such versus what happens if we remove censorship for free speech. I'm not a psychologist and yet I would assume that in either case, nothing much is going to change. Children will learn to cuss either way.

But hey, we're living in 2018 after all. Shouldn't we stop caring about curse words and actually try to further our science and technology? Why spend all our time and power on such an actually irrelevant topic?

Then again.. same applies to people still trying to compete with their land against other lands keeping prejudice high instead of actually working together to solve world problems and issues - eh whatever.

Update Note

This has nothing to do with this topic but yesterday I was celebrating my start at my new company so I had no time to write a post yesterday. What does that mean for the posts? Nothing. Today's post was yesterday's post. Tomorrow's post is today's post etc.
"Save TonightFight the break of dawnCome TomorrowTomorrow I'll be gone" 
~ Eagle-Eye Cherry
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