07 February 2018

Guild Wars 2: Lunar New Year Without Procrastination

Let's celebrate the new year in Guild Wars 2. This time the year of the dog inspired by the Chinese new year on the 16th of February. As I already told you that I check out what I have to do every day to finish the achievements in the time given by the event I, of course, did the same with this year's lunar new year too.

Which Achievements Interest Us

So first we need to know which achievements are of interest. To me, an achievement that gives achievement points is interesting as long it rewards me with such. We can get 105 achievements points if we haven't completed any.

This year the lunar new year event is split into three achievement categories. Lunar New Year is the first category, it contains achievements that are one time. There are six achievements in this category and all six give us achievements. So the ones we want are
  • Celestial Companion
  • Celestial Racer
  • Firecracker Finder
  • Golden Firestarter
  • Light Up The Sky
  • Sparkling Celebration
For the Celestial Companion achievement, we only need to soul bind an exotic great backpack.
For the Celestial Racer, we need to finish the race in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. 
The Firecracker Finder achievement requires us to find the ten hidden firecrackers in the city.
Golden Firestarter expects us to finish the new adventure with a gold reward, which means we need to do it in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
Light Up The Sky wants us to use 88 firework items and last but not least
Sparking Celebration requires setting off eight great fireworks.

The next category New Year's Customs consists of repeatable and annual achievements that are doable once a year. There are 3 achievements in this category that reward achievement points.
  • Celestial Messenger
  • Firework Festival
  • New Year's Benevolence
The first achievement requires us to complete the race. It's an achievement that rewards 25 achievement points in total, 5 for each repetition and requires 3 races per repetition. This means we'll have to do 25 / 5 * 3 = 15 races in total. 
The next one, Firework Festival, wants us to set off 300 lunar new year fireworks. Again this is a repeatable achievement that rewards 25 in total. There are 5 achievement points for every repetition. So we need 25 / 5 = 5 repetitions, which requires to set off 300 * 5  = 1500 fireworks.
The last one New Year's Benevolence is another repeatable achievement that rewards 25 achievement points in total and again 5 for each repetition and requires 100 per repetition. This means we'll need to feed Drooburt 100 * 5 = 500 steamed red dumplings.

Daily Ratio 

Thanks to the patch notes we know the event goes two weeks and a few days. It started yesterday on the 6th of February and ends on the 22nd of February. That's 17 days though if you work it will most likely be 16 days. This means we know the event length and the amount we need. So let's see how much we need to do every day.

Most achievements like Celestial Companion, Celestial Racer, and Golden Firestarter aren't worth calculating as it's only one item required. Obviously, that's 1 item in 16 days. So yeah the calculation is ridiculous for those. Let's look at the others though.

The Firecracker Finder are 10 unique firecrackers. You could technically do 10 / 16 = 0.625 or about one every two to three days though I'd suggest doing all in one run as you can't interact with the same ones that way. They're all around the crown pavilion, so not hard to find. The hardest was probably the one near the hole.

Light Up The Sky was 88 firecrackers. You'll most likely get this while doing the other one. Though if interested it'd be 88 / 16 = 5.5 or five to six crackers each day.

Sparking Celebration requires us to do 8 great fireworks. Since we have 16 days that's one every two days. In case you weren't so fast the calculation is 8 / 16 = 0.5. You might notice that 8 doubled equals 16 which allows this one to be calculated swiftly in the head.

Now We Get to the Fun Part

These are real achievements. The ones that are the most fun.

The first one of these is the Celestial Messenger achievement. It's the racing event that we have to do 15 times. Well, it's almost 16 so except for one day if we do it every day we're fine. Mathematically we'd need to do 15 / 16 = 0.9375 a day.

The next one Firework Festival was 1500 firecrackers. That's 1500 / 16 = 93.75 or between 93 and 94 firecrackers every day. That's quite a bunch but doable I suppose.

The last one is... the one that tops them all. The ultimate achievement. The unbelievable, most demanding of them all. Drooburt, the ghost we gave 5000 candy corn and 5000 snowflakes, he now wants us to give him 500 steamed red dumplings. That's 500 / 16 = 31.25 or 31 to 32 every day if we wanted to finish it in one event. No wonder the prices shot up. These items are rare after all.

One might think calling this fun was sarcastic. Well, who knows. I did my job calculating my daily needs for this event and shared it with you all now all I have to do is work on it and wrap everything up for myself.

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