12 February 2018

My Experience With Imbuing

A huge part of the magical path is to imbue yourself. It is important to learn to know or experience all kinds of energies.

Why Care About Imbuing?

If you plan to be a wizard, witch, shaman or anything similar it is very important to have experienced or even imbued yourself with all kinds of energies. The reason for this is quite simple. Magic is working with energies. So if you have experienced different types of energies you can distinguish them from each other, feel their qualities and use them in the most efficient way possible.

How To Imbue Yourself?

You might have heard before that if you think about fire you might feel warmer. Doing so allows you to feel the warm energy this thought produces but that's not the only way. There are many ways. For example, you could try to be the fire. Imagine you are the fire or you being one with the fire. Another way would be to experience the fire by touching it - though I'd discourage this. Maybe I should've chosen a different example.

Our body has tons of sense build in, from touch to temperature to time to pain. Just like scientists we don't have a sense of magical energies. So what we're trying to achieve is to use the senses that are given to detect the energies and categorize their type.

My Experience With Imbuement

I've made multiple experiences but these are the most elemental. For the first one, I did a simple experiment. I love to take a bath every Sunday. I do this one to two hours long removing any stress and preparing for the next week. What I tried this time is, as the water-filled bathtub I imagined myself being water, just like the water that filled the tub. At some point, I actually did feel like I was part of the water like I was water. I was able to achieve a deep meditative state in which I was convinced that I could breathe underwater. I didn't try it and I regret the decision.

I've experienced the other one when I worked in north Germany for a few days. Since I shower every Wednesday I showered there too. To my surprise, the water had a smell of clay to it and also felt a little bit different. 

Currently, I'm in France, Nantes. I plan to do the same experiment on Wednesday again and I'm excited about the results.


It's often said that knowledge is power. This does not only mean pure knowledge but also the experience we've gathered through our lives. Technically you can fill 20 years of your life learning something new in magic every day. The amount of content to learn is incredibly high. It's the same with the energies available to work with. However the more you know, the more you can use and with enough practice and experience, you know when using which results in the best effectiveness reaching the goals. So get going and imbue yourself and experience as many energies as possible! It will help in the future.
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