25 February 2018

Meaning of Gemstones Part 1

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Gemstone Magic

Many types of magic exist. Today I'm going to go into the topic of gemstone magic. So what is gemstone magic? The basic idea behind this is to use gems, stones or gemstones for different rituals. To do this we figure out what role each gem has or is said to have. Again this depends all on what the common belief is as well as the way they impact you.

Without further ado let's get into the first few gemstones.

List of Gemstones

Without having the post to get too big again I'm gonna go into ten gemstones for this and probably all the following posts. So the gems I'm going to talk about will be these in the given order.
  • Berg Crystal
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Jaspis
  • Hematite
  • Jade
  • Shungite
  • Pyrit
  • Salt Crystal
  • Tiger Eye
Berg Crystal by GreenyNeko

Berg Crystal

The Berg Crystal acts as an energy converter as well as a container to save energy. It is said that Berg Crystals contain up to the 1000-year-old information about the world. It is most effective on the crown chakra. Since it stands for clearness and cleanness it can be used for bringing back order, for things to make sense. It can also be used to convert energy or store information and energy. It makes sense to use a Berg Crystal when trying to learn something or trying to remember something but also to meditate or solve a mystery or problem you can't figure out.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz by GreenyNeko

Rose Quartz represents affinity and peace. They're strongest on the heart chakra. They act on the layer of feelings, harmonizing and feeling good. As such they're often used to improve the atmosphere in a room. They can be used to solve issues in relations or to calm oneself or others down.

Amethyst by GreenyNeko


The purple gemstone is said to be connected with clairvoyance and the communication with higher forces, however, it's also known as the stone of peace and as such acts calming. It is most effective on the crown chakra. With all these attributes it can be used the best for meditation.

Three Jasper types by GreenyNeko

Jasper is a stone that brings protection and grounding. They act as an energizer, strengthening while still grounding. The red Jaspis has the best effects on the root chakra. These stones can be used if you don't feel well at the start of illness for example or if you want to protect yourself from something stronger than you.

Hematite by GreenyNeko


When working with gemstones you usually practice discharge and charging them. Especially if you get a new stone. Hematite is said to be good for discharging. So make sure not to let it lie next to a charged object you want to use. If you have too much energy, yin, yang or anything else you want to discharge this stone works most effectively on the root chakra.


Jade by GreenyNeko
As I already mentioned this in my Chinese new year post, Jade is often used for protection against bad luck, bad energies or generally to protect, but it is also said to bring and attract good luck, success and prosperity. Like this it can be used as a go lucky charm for your life and work. The green jade works most efficiently on the heart chakra. For this, a necklace would do great, especially when carried below the clothes. The yellow jade is more effective on the solar plexus chakra.

Natural and modified Shungite
by GreenyNeko


This black crystal is believed to have similar attributes to obsidian. It protects generally but also against bad energies like demons and attracts wealth and prosperity just like Jade. It can be used by placing it around the house or by wearing it as an accessory. It is also said to convert unhealthy energy, radiation or waves from radios and modern technology. It acts the strongest on the root chakra.

Pyrit by GreenyNeko

This silver cube is said to help to overcome fears and can be used for cleaning. It cleanses itself and is healthy for both the liver and the gall bladder. Its effects are the strongest when used on the root chakra. Thanks to these properties it can be used when attempting to clean the body or to get over your phobias like arachnophobia, acrophobia and more. it's February currently, how about cleaning your body regime?

Salt crystal lamp by GreenyNeko

Salt Crystal

Salt Crystals act as cleaners, magically and not. It's strongest effects are on the sacral chakra. Do you remember the last time you stood at the beach or near the sea smelling the salty fresh air? Or do you remember those nose sprays that say they use saltwater? There's a reason for this. Having a salt crystal or salt stone in your room or house allows it to magically clean the air but clean the air keeping it fresh as well. Though this might not work to keep the air fresh against smelly gases.

Tiger eye

Tiger Eye by GreenyNeko
Our last gem on this list is the tiger eye. This stone is associated with a strong will strong abilities and concentration. It is also believed to improve your courage. Thanks to these attributes it can be used to strengthen yourself as well as your courage when standing in front of a challenge. It doesn't matter if that challenge is a new job, traveling to a foreign place or going to an exam. Especially thanks to it supporting your concentration it is very good when having a new project or an exam standing in front of the door. It also helps when doing meditation. The associated chakra is the solar plexus chakra.


As you can see each of the stones has properties given to them throughout history or thanks to their association with certain things. We can use these to understand how to best use them for our rituals and it really depends on what we want to achieve or do.

Well, that's it for today's post. I'm sorry I can't keep up with a post every day anymore but I still hope to provide as much content as I can and feel well doing so. 
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