24 December 2017

Christmas - A Ritual

Merry Christmas everyone.
Yesterday's post was quite a heavy topic, should've decided on something else I guess. Well, today's gonna be nicer. It's about Christmas!

Christmas Traditions

Cookies have been baked, soon the feast's preparation is finished. The family is happy, everyone's excited about the presents. The Christmas tree is standing in the parlor, decorated as it's supposed to be.
Playing board games, talking, hanging around with each other.

Christmas - A Ritual

a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.
~ Google Dictionary
Let's see. A religious ceremony?
In some cultures we got the Christkind who brings the gifts, in other cultures I've read Thor, Santa Claus or Father Christmas do the job. Even the idea to celebrate the day Jesus Christ was born is a very religious influence.

Next, we have a ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.
This can be argued about as it may differ from family to family, but I think it's saved to say that this does count to almost all families. Has your Christmas celebration ever changed? Mine hasn't.

Alright, so Christmas fits the definition of a ritual. That's nothing special though. Even brushing your teeth every day can be a ritual.

The procedure of Our Christmas

So how do I celebrate Christmas? A few days prior we prepare the food. At Christmas we talk and hang out eat lunch together, everyone does their things then until we eat cakes and cookies and drink coffee and cacao. Then we return to what we do until dinner. At dinner we eat together we have planned to eat sausages today. Then we're playing board games together until midnight. At midnight it's time to open the presents. Then we continue to hang out play some games until half-past or even 1 o'clock. Sometimes even later. The next day we eat a rabbit at lunch. More hanging out, more talking, more games.

 How To Use Christmas For Ritual

Rituals can be used to achieve something. A change. The goal is to convince our unconsciousness. So here is a ritual idea you could add to your yearly routine.

Gift yourself a wish.
This may take a bit more preparation but the goal is if you wish for something you could make some kind of symbol or pack something that has to do with your wish being successful. Give it to someone who celebrated Christmas with you and forget about it. At Christmas, they'll give it back to you. If you remember the wish to imagine it coming true with this present. After Christmas, you should store it somewhere so your consciousness doesn't remember it.

This is not the only one. Can you think of your own? Just use the knowledge you have, the knowledge you get from history or knowledge of something most or almost all people believe in and try to convince yourself that your wish comes true using the Christmas procedure for your own yearly ritual.

Just.. don't start hanging around hexagrams and pentagrams or make sacrifices. I think that would leave the wrong idea if people don't know the details about it. ^^'

Merry Christmas everyone!
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