11 December 2017

Smoke of the Night

I wanted to write about the violet essences in WildStar, how long it takes to get them with and without signature today. However something unexpected happened overnight, so I've decided to write about that instead, especially since I haven't written anything about this topic yet.

A Night Like Every Other

As usual, I kept playing Guild Wars 2 and WildStar until 4am. Got my daily PvP win and prepared for bed. At 4:40am I went to bed. At some point, I don't remember if I slept but I assume I did, I woke up and felt the urge to open my eyes.

And So I Did

And what I saw, was startling. I was looking at my desk with the computer screen on it and saw what seemed like smoke from a fire. I quickly made sure there's no fire and there wasn't. Startled by this appearance, I felt my heart beating heavily and my body felt like it was shaking from this beating. My mind was clear though. I already had several occurrences who evoked the same feelings. It was like... you know when you feel nervous about an exam or presentation even though there's no reason to be nervous and you know that? Exactly like that just instead of being nervous that other feeling.

What Any Healthy Mind Would Or Should Do 

So with my clear mind, I tried to assess the situation to stay calm and not move. I did not want to draw attention for safety's sake so I calmly waited and observed the smoke. Unfortunately, I didn't get any clues from it. At some point my body also calmed down, I wasn't able to feel the heart nor my body trembling and the smoke faded as well.

You Are Definitely Crazy

A person who does not believe in esoteric and spiritualism may think I'm crazy now. Great, thanks. Definitely helping the cause. I mean.. I am crazy in a kind of way... sending data to brains to simulate video games just like dreams? Crazy. In that regard, Einstein and many other genius people are also crazy. Whoops going off-topic. Well as usual when working with magic you need to stay skeptical and skeptical I stayed.

Let's Go Through All Possibilities

One thing is clear: I saw something unnatural so to say. Now the goal of an analytical mind is to figure out a solution to the problem. The problem is clear, so let's brainstorm solutions.
  • It could've been an illusion
Maybe it was an illusion created by my brain, it's not uncommon for shadows to play these kinda tricks on you, especially in the darkness where a lot of light is missing. 
It's hard to dismiss this. Of course, I could say it looked too realistic, but we're talking about our brain. For all, I know it could simulate a completely different experience of the world we live in. So let's leave this one being. Though it fading seems a bit random.
  • It could've been sleep paralysis
Sleep paralysis often gets people to see weird things in the night, either after sleeping sometimes before sleeping. From creatures sitting on your chest to creatures crawling up to you. Again it's your brain fantasy being able to create all this.
Taking into consideration the emotions I felt sound like something that might match sleep paralysis so this would be a great explanation for this situation. With the sleep paralysis lifted the smoke disappeared as well. Seems logical
  • It could've been an entity
One could think that the smoke was some kind of entity forming, entering or appearing in my room.
Respective to my preparations in this room, I doubt that anything negative or bad appears or enters my room. Precautions. Here the question is if those "entities" even exist and whether or not one believes in them.
  • Maybe it's negative energy
The most visible form of energy we all live and work with is fire, as well as what we see when heat moves in the air.
If we're assuming that energy manifested on a visible level or alternatively I calibrated myself unconsciously on the same level as the energy, of course, I would be able to see it. This, however, requires that you believe in the teachings of energy.

Other Things I've Read Online

I also read about the meaning of seeing black smoke and found some information saying it's part of spiritual growth, might have been mistaken white smoke (wow, because that changes that I saw something unnatural) and it is a spirit of someone who passed away.

Due to Lack of Information

Whelp, due to the lack of information, there's nothing I can do from this point on. So if anyone knows anything I'm open for discussion. Until I figure out more I'll dismiss this as "interesting".
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