13 December 2017

Magic Is Science

Magic is something that seems to have existed for centuries. From the miracles we're told Jesus did, up to the medieval times in which wizards are told to have lived and witches have been hunted. Nowadays we know it as some sort of esoteric stuff. Even ending up with a bad connotation. From fake mediums to cash grab fortune-telling.
Scientific sworn people even explain magic to be unexplained scientific phenomena.

Like the God Argument

Magic has the same problem, ghosts and god have. There's no proof of its existence, there's no proof of its absence either. So does it exist? Or does it not exist? Or is it not worth thinking about it? What if it exists? So the position of magic is bad. Especially since the explanation of modern magic says, it depends on your unconsciousness. If you can't convince your unconsciousness, then magic will be even harder to prove. But there must've been people who are dedicated to proofing it?

The Scientists of Magic

You would think, even if most people don't believe in magic there must still be some scientists who are interested in understanding it and figuring out whether or not it exists and you're partially right. Most people that write the greater literature aren't scientists but psychologists, philosophers and such. Some of the greater literature on the topic of magic takes a skeptical and scientific approach to the topic of magic, trying to be as unbiased as possible and there's a good reason to do so.

Age of Quantum Physics

We figured out there are layers below our previous understanding of physics and the world. Quantum physics revamp what we have known so far. We're reaching an understanding of a lower level of our world. From everything consisting of particles that act as wave and particle at the same time to particles having a probability function telling where the particle is. On a micro level the quantum physics act and on a macro level, we see the results of all those phenomena working together.

We Still Do Not Know All

After all these years quantum physics is still a new topic. There are still a lot of things that need to be figured out and the potential of it tiptoes in the dark. Additionally, for all we know, there might even be another level below quantum physics. We don't know what it might be it could be ethereal for all we know.

Wait a minute. Ethereal? That's something esoteric talks about! Indeed it does.

Science Ignores - Magic Cooperates

Compared to science that has been ignoring magic so far, magic, on the other hand, tries to find it's placed in the universe next to psychology and physics. Even if Einstein is unhappy with the probability of being part of quantum physics, it does not only play a huge role in quantum physics because it just happens to play a huge role in magic too.
We now know that everything may consist of particles that act like waves, waves vibrate. It just happens to be that magic says everything is vibrating. This is just the beginning. Psychology can explain how placebo works. Magic agrees. Additionally a few years ago there were experiments on a monk and the scientists figured out that during his meditation a substance or vitamin was especially high. Unfortunately, I can't find this source and I don't know how believable it is. Stay skeptical, but welcome magic.

The Conservative of Wizardry and Witchery

However conservative thoughts exist in the realm of magic as well. I bet there are tons of people that would never agree for magic to be science. They believe it to be a tradition. It needs to be taught the way it is and has been without being open to reality or new things.

Magic the Science of What?

But isn't magic like the thing where you offer sacrifices, draw pentagrams or hexagrams, talk to ghosts, angels, demons, and gods? You're not wrong with saying this. It is to a certain degree. However, this is just a part of magic, not the whole thing. Magic consists of more than that. It also has a lot to do with psychology. You know how words can have a connotation to them? Or like certain symbols invoke certain feelings? That's why. Many people believe in angels, demons, gods, and ghosts. The more they do the stronger it sits in our unconsciousness and that's what we "abuse" when doing magic. Wizards, Witches, Shamans, Monks, etc. they all work with our unconsciousness to send energies to do their bidding. If it's about staying healthy, making you rich or changing the probability of something else happening instead of what would have, it all boils down to the same. So what science is magic? It's kinda a huge topic but simply put it's the science of psychological impact and manipulation of energies on a lower level to change the probability of a certain event to occur.

But It Seems So Old Fashioned

It has existed for tons of years and gathered all those traditions. It's weird. It is and it does seem ancient. However, just like math and physics have been refined over all those centuries at some point the same may happen to magic. Esoteric is a rising topic nowadays and who knows maybe at some point it changes from what it has been up to now to something completely new and reworked. A new era of modern magic.

Waiting for the Time to Come

So I'm gonna sit here waiting for the time to come. I don't wanna initiate it, I bet a lot of modern wizards and witches still might not like the idea of everything that has been handled as secret so far to be released onto each and every one of the public. Even though the current direction is more than obvious. However, if the surge of wave starts I'm ready.

By the way
I figured I had to mix in some more topics on magic in case people are interested in it and to keep it fresh. Besides theorycrafting consumes a lot more time than this. :P
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