27 December 2017

Stats in Games - Brainstorm

I heard that some games have these things that are called equipment, I think? And so apparently this equipment has some weird numbers and words on it.
Power, Precision, Critical Hit Chance, Attack Speed
 Really weird stuff.

Stats In Games

Okay, enough playing dumb. There are a bunch of games especially RPG or MMORPG and AMMORPG, which have equipment with stats on it. These stats increase your survivability, outgoing damage or your ability to heal others. I've played... a few games but kinda the right ones to get introduced to a handful of these. So I kinda want to list them all in this post and maybe add some of my own? Anyways here we go.

Brainstorm Time!

Assault Power, Intelligence, Strength, Dexterity, Might
This is the main attribute. It scales either the effectiveness of your assault abilities or the direct damage you do with your attacks.

Critical Hit Chance
Precision, Accuracy, Luck, Critical Chance
The concept is the same, though. This stat is basically a chance that your attacks deal more damage than in hitting enemies critically. This one also goes hand in hand with the next one.

Critical Hit Severity
Critical Hit Damage, Ferocity, Critical Damage
As I said, hand in hand with the previous one: It increases how much more damage you deal when your attacks hit critically.

Health, Max Health, Stamina, Health Bonus
This one simply increases your health pool. The amount by how much your health is changed differs from game to game.

This stat is usually gained from only the equipment you have. It is either used directly or converted and added on another stat to later decrease the damage you would normally take.

Toughness, Mitigation
This is the stat armor that may be added to. It decreases the enemies damage you would normally take.

Multi-Hit Chance
The result is the same as with critical hit chance and critical hit severity the idea behind it - not so much. The idea is the higher your multi-hit chance the more likely you are to hit your enemy with your attack another time but this time weaker. It also synergizes with critical hit chance. The weaker multi-hit can hit critically too.

Multi-Hit Severity
Goes hand in hand with a multi-hit chance. Usually, this is below 100% as the multi-hit is usually supposed to be weaker.

In WildStar it increases your damage respective to your health. The more percent health you have the more effective vigor is. In Skyforge vigor increases your damage when you chase an enemy.

Compared to how vigor works in WildStar this one scales with the enemy's health instead. The less health the enemy has the more damage you deal.

Armor Pierce
Armor Ignore
It's kinda possible to read it out of the name: the higher the stat is the more armor or resistance your attacks ignore. So the decrease in your damage is lower.

Attack Speed
The stat that increases your... attack speed. Simply put: you attack faster the higher this stat is.

Condition Damage
Some games split direct damage and damage over time. These games may use an attribute such as condition damage which increases the damage over time.

Condition Duration
Having damage over time and direct damage split? Why not increase the length of damage over time? That's what this stat does.

Buff Duration, Boon Duration
Damage over Time isn't the only thing you can increase the duration of. This stat increases the duration of buffs or in Guild Wars 2 of boons to be specific.

Healing Power
Support Power
Sometimes the damage isn't the only thing. Let's go with an attribute that increases your out-going healing.

Similar to vigor this stat increases your healing by a certain percentage. However, it increases the cost of those skills as well.

Mana Pool, Focus Pool, Focus
If your skill cost increases you should increase your currency as well. This stat increases the currency of your skills.

A stat that increases your chance to hit the enemy.

Deflect Chance
The opposite, a stat that increases your chance to deflect or completely avoid an enemy attack. Strikethrough is subtracted from this value.

Glance Chance
This is the chance for an attack to deal less damage than usual.

Glance Mitigation
By how much is the glanced attack reduced? The glance mitigation value determines that.

Critical Mitigation
Critical hits really hurt. Luckily this stat reduces the damage you get from a critical attack.

Deflect Critical Hit Chance
Or give up on ever being critically hit again with deflect critical hit chance. It decreases the chance enemies have to critically hit you.

Energy Recovery
Mana Recovery, Focus Recovery, Mana Regeneration, Energy Regeneration
Your resource needs to come from somewhere. This stat will increase your regeneration of the resource. Usually per second.

Cooldown Reduction
Having problems with your skills being on cooldown all the time? This attribute reduces the time you have to wait for your skills to be ready again.

Life siphon
Regardless of being a fan of necromancy or not. Lifesteal removes health from your enemies and adds an equal amount to your health.

Focus Cost Reduction
Mana Cost Reduction, Energy Cost Reduction
Sick of spending all your resources on one expensive skill? This attribute reduces the price you pay by a certain percentage.

Reflect Chance
This attribute is the chance you have to punish a foe for dealing damage to you, by reflecting said damage.

Reflect Damage
And this is the amount of damage that is reflected. Either as number or percentage.

Movement Speed
Speed, Swiftness
Feel like a slowpoke? This is your solution. This stat increases the speed at which you move through the world.

Life per Second
The resource isn't the only thing that can regenerate. Health can too. This attribute increases your health every second.

Life per Hit
Similar to life steal but not quite. Increasing this attribute increases the health you gain every time an attack of you hits the enemy.

Ranged Damage
This one increases your damage dealt if you're further away. In Skyforge it was 20 yards. However, you could make it a percentage like with vigor.

If you like to be hit over and over again this might support your play style. This stat reduces incoming damage when you're hit multiple times.

Control Efficiency
CC Duration
Are you a fan of Crowd Control? this attribute increases the effectiveness of your CCs.

Control Suppression
The opposite of the previous one. This will decrease the effectiveness of CCs on you.

That's a bunch of stats I came across, not all but most of them and I guess that's enough already for today.
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