03 December 2017

Greetings Sapient Being

as the Caretaker of WildStar would say.

I've created a blog, obviously. But why?

Well.. I think a blog could be useful. I can post my thoughts on the world on everything. I can post what I'm currently working on and stuff. Maybe people like it, maybe someone picks it up. Maybe I find new opportunities through this or maybe I'm in kind of a bad situation in life that I might need some passive income. Who knows, I'm certainly unsure.

What I'm sure of though is the content of this blog will most likely consist of:

  • Gaming
  • Game Development
  • Theorycrafting
  • Software Development (most likely neural network and algorithm stuff)
  • Philosophical thoughts
  • maybe Magic

Anyways blog created. Achievement granted.

Goodbye! As a sapient would say
~ The Caretaker
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I'm a B.Sc. Games Engineer and I created this blog to share my ideas, theorycrafting, thoughts and whatever I'm working on or doing.