29 June 2018

100th Blog Post - Self-Analysis

I've been thinking about half a week on what I'm gonna do on my 100th blog post. Is it gonna be just another blog post? Will it feature every topic I've covered so far, will it be about me personally, will I do something self-aware or am I going to post something about how certain numbers seem just nice to us.

Well, I've decided it's going to be something self-aware. Particularly, I'm going to analyze what people who visit the blog are most interested in. Well, since I make more "advertisement" about certain topics there - of course - is a greater amount of views on those featured posts. These are mostly theorycrafting that I share on Reddit.

Blogs Topics

First of all, let's look at what my blog has the most. In the beginning, I tried to balance everything with a higher focus on theorycrafting but it all kinda crumbled down over time so it's much more mixed or monotone in comparison with before. Yet, looking at the labels we can easily see what the most topics focus on and what the least topics do.

The Top 10 Tags Are:
  1. Theorycrafting - 42 posts
  2. MMORPG - 39 posts
  3. gaming - 35 posts
  4. thoughts - 32 posts
  5. math - 31 posts
  6. guild wars 2 - 26 posts
  7. game design - 24 posts
  8. magic - 21 posts
  9. spiritualism - 20 posts
  10. spirituality - 18 posts
The Least 10 Tags Are:
  1. yoshisisland (my old username, I assume) - 1 post
  2. training - 1 post
  3. superstition - 1 post
  4. stone - 1 post
  5. speedrun - 1 post
  6. slice of life - 1 post
  7. sleep paralysis - 1 post
  8. sexuality - 1 post
  9. reason - 1 post
  10. puzzle - 1 post

Popular Posts and Unpopular Posts

Next up we have the posts that are the most popular. The top three are always shown in the right column, but here are the top 10 in all time.
This is gonna be a bit tougher. The way I'm going to determine this or these are by checking how many views the posts have gotten and how old they are, the more recent and the more views the more relevant. This is because older posts can accumulate more views over time in comparison to fresher newer ones.

An easy way to do this is changing the current and the posts date to a number that can be divided from each other. I'm counting in days so we have the year being on average 365 days, months being on average - let's say - 30 days and the days being days, duh. So when this post was written it's the 29th 6th of 2018. That's 2018 * 365 + 6 * 30 + 29 = 736779. The first post I'm comparing this to is from the 24th, 6th of 2018. So that's 2018 * 365 + 6 * 30 + 24 = 736774. This is a difference of 5 and it got 9 posts in those 5. That's a view to recency rate of 9 / 5 = 1.8. The post with the highest view to recency rate wins. So, here's the resulting list.
  1. Guild Wars 2: Legendary Armor - How Long? (Part 1 - PvE) [28.2222 views/recency]
  2. Guild Wars 2: Fractal Grind - How Long? [8.8537 views/recency]
  3. Guild Wars 2: Time Consumption of WvW Pips [6.1640 views/recency]
  4. Guild Wars 2: Damage Increase Part 1: Gear [4.3810 views/recency]
  5. Guild Wars 2: Magic-Warped Packet - Worth It? [4.2704 views/recency]
  6. Guild Wars 2: Magic-Warped Bundle - Worth [3.4067 views/recency]
  7. Guild Wars 2: Legendary Armor - How Long? (Part 2 - PvP) [2.875 views/recency]
  8. Guild Wars 2: Christmas Without Procrastination [2.8535 views/recency]
  9. Guild Wars 2: Lunar New Year Without Procrastination [2.789 views/recency]
  10. Guild Wars 2: Velocity [2.4294 views/recency]
Congratulations to Guild Wars 2 for dominating this category completely.

Earnings & Total Stats

It's no secret I'm running google ads. Well, so how much did I make? It's just 0.27€. So since the blog has been running I've made 0.00€ on average. Much much more interesting the blog has gotten 14,958 views in total that's 70.89 views a day on average. Well, disregarding the spikes it's probably around 20 views a day. Feels good. Now if only I had a way to receive criticism, aside from other sites I post in. (e.g. Reddit)

For the next special blog post which will probably be either 500 or 1000, I need to do something else though. Don't want statistics to be the only bonus when I'm posting about such a broad area of subjects. Well, "GreenyNeko out, for now" and "Good-Bye Sapient Being"!

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