21 June 2018

Guild Wars 2: Legendary Armor - How Long? (Part 2 - PvP)

And off to the next Legendary Armor, we are. I haven't decided if I'm going to equip my characters with the PvP or WvW Legendary Armor after being through with the PvE one. Definitely not going to do the Provisioner Tokens anymore then. :P

Crafting the Legendary PvP Armor

Last time we looked at the Legendary PvE Armor, now let's look at the PvP version. The materials we need for this are slightly different. For this one we need:
  • Gift of Competitive Prosperity
  • Gift of Competitive Prowess
  • Gift of Competitive Dedication
  • Ardent Glorious Hero's Armor or Glorious Hero's Armor
Well, that's creative. It's all called the same except there's the word "Competitive" is added in and the armor skin is different. So let's take a closer look at each of those items.

Gift of Competitive Prosperity

The COMPETITIVE Gift of Prosperity - putting emphasis on the competitiveness of this competitive item - uses
  • 1x   Mist Core Fragment
  • 15x Mystic Clover
  • 1x   Gift of Condensed Might
  • 1x   Gift of  Condensed Magic
So, for the gifts, it's one to one the same as the PvE armor. This also counts for the Mystic Clover. The Mist Core Fragment is time-gated in such a way that the respective reward track needs to be completed. We've already calculated from our previous analysis of PvP Pips that an average match including queue and wait times takes ~13.11 minutes. Additionally, we can get the information from the wiki that we need 20000 reward track points for one completion (which is all we need). And last but not least we also get the information that one ranked or unranked lose rewards us with 350 reward points and a win with 700, assuming no buffs. With buffs, the values increase by up to 120% assuming we get all the buffs.
  • 10% from the Guild Enhancement
  • 10% from the Celebration Bonus
  • 25% from the Greater Call of the Mists
  • 50% from the Experience Booster
  • 25% from the Black Lion Boost
Worst case scenario we lose every match, best case scenario we win every match and have all the boosts active. This means the worst-case scenario would be 20000 / 350 = 57.14 matches. Best case scenario we get 700 * 1.2 = 840 reward points per match and we win every match requiring us to do just 20000 / 840 = 23.81 matches. Of course, we need to round this as there is no 0.14 match or 0.81 matches. Which means we need between 24 and 58 matches. Since we know how long a match takes this would be 24 * 13.11 = 314.64 minutes resulting in 314.64 / 60 = 5.244 hours. For the other case we have 58 * 13.11 = 760.38 minutes or 760.38 / 60 = 12.673 hours. So, between 5.244 and 12.673 hours.

Gift of Competitive Prowess

The competitive version of the Gift of Prowess requires
  • 1x   Record of League Victories
  • 1x   Eldritch Scroll
  • 50x Obsidian Shards
  • 1x   Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy
Just like the PvE version we don't have to worry about the latter three items. The interesting one is the first one the Record of League Victories because for this one we need 30 PvP League Tickets. These are awarded for progressing through the PvP season reward track with pips. To get more information about the PvP Pips, check out my older post. Fact is: You get 100 of this per Season and we need more than just the 30 in total. That's why I'm going to skip on any calculation here for now.

Gift of Competitive Dedication

According to the name, this would require one to do a hell lot of PvP and yet you only need
  • 1x Record of League Participation
  • 1x Glob of Condensed Spirit Energy
  • 1x Star of Glory
  • 1x Jar of Distilled Glory
So, what's the deal behind these items? The first one just like the Record of League Victories requires the PvP League Tickets but 20 this time. If we sum up the amount we need; It's 50. Each season gives us 100 for completing the whole track. Since we are making six pieces of armor we also need six gifts and thus 6 * 50 = 300 tickets. This means it will take three seasons. Let's look at the other materials before we calculate any further though; To check if they have a heavier time-gate. The Glob of Condensed Spirit Energy requires Spirit Shards which should be no issue for people to get in a few weeks. Especially in the time frame, we are given by the time-gate. The next one is the star, which asks us to accumulate 400 Ascended Shards of Glory. While these are rewarded correspondingly to the PvP League Tickets, repeating the last chest rewards additional. Completing the whole track rewards us with 400. Repeating the last chest awards as an additional 100 every time. Last but not least the Jar of Distilled Glory requires normal Shards of Glory that are awarded by simply playing PvP. And the armor is given by the same resources, costing more Ascended Shards of Glory.

Having to farm between 2400 and 3600 Ascended Shards of Glory of these would mean the 400 * 3 = 1200 we get for completing the three seasons is not enough. We need 1200 to 2400 more. That are 1200 / 100 = 12 to 2400 / 100 = 24 additional repetitions of the last chest. That one takes 180 Pips. Thanks to our calculations in the older topic we know that finishing the whole reward track takes ~13.33 to ~48.94 hours. Thanks to the oldest PvP post where we calculated the average Pips you would expect to get, we can take those numbers to calculate the number of matches we need here now. We get 6.5 Pips to 8.5 Pips on average. That means we need between 180 / 8.5 = 21.18 to 180 / 6.5 = 27.69 matches. This will take us 21.18 * 13.11 = 277.67 minutes to 27.69 * 13.11 = 363.02 minutes. In hours that's 4.63 to 6.05. Summing it up we get 13.33 + 4.63  = 17.96 to 48.94 + 6.05 = 54.99 hours. (I hope that does it for you personally that commented this request anonymously in the comment section several months ago)

Now, How Long Does It Take?

So, the real time-gate is the PvP League Tickets here. We need to play three whole seasons, but how long does it take to wait for another season? Analyzing the season start and ends according to the wiki-page, you can figure out that all seasons are always 55 to 56 days long depending on when you're working. This is not the case for the breaks in between. Here are the end and start dates as well as the time in between.

End Date Start Date Time Between
January 25, 2016 February 23, 2016 29 days
April 18, 2016 May 17, 2016 29 days
July 11, 2016 August 9, 2016 29 days
October 3, 2016 December 13, 2016 71 days
February 6, 2017 March 7, 2017 29 days
May 1, 2017 June 13, 2017 54 days
August 8, 2017 August 22, 2017 14 days
October 16, 2017 November 7, 2017 22 days
January 2, 2018 January 16, 2018 14 days
March 13, 2018 April 3, 2018 21 days
May 29, 2018 June 12, 2018 14 days

So the minimum days is 14 and the maximum is 54. On average the break takes

(29 + 29 + 29 + 71 + 29 + 54 + 14 + 22 +14 + 21 + 14) / 11 = ~29.64

days. Taking this information into consideration we need to play 2 whole seasons and in the third we just need to play until we get our tickets. This means we have 2 * 55 = 110 days from the first two seasons and 14 * 2 = 28 to 54 * 2 = 108 days in between. On average 29.64 * 2 = 59.28 days. Summing everything up we get 110 + 28 = 138 to 110 + 108 = 218 days for the Legendary Armor and on average 110 + 59.28 = 169.28 days.

Almost There

All we need to do now is get out 100 last tickets. For this, we just need to get through the PvP season track and get the Pips. We already calculated that, so we know it's 9.83 to 48.94 hours. Now adding it on top of the other information we have 138 days and 9.83 hours to 220 days and 0.94 hours.
For better comparison we convert this number to weeks for that we need to convert hours to days which is just diving through 24 resulting in:

Minimum: (138 + 9.83 / 24) / 7 = 19.77 weeks
Maximum: (220 + 0.94 / 24) / 7 = 31.43 weeks
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