18 June 2018

Update Post June 2018, GDPR / DSVGO, Copyright

All of a sudden the comment, like and dislike function is gone and a weird German page appeared, what's going on?


I've talked to a friend who gave me some tips as a website programmer and I've followed them to my best to prevent huge issues with the GDPR / DSVGO. For some reason I missed it, probably just like it silently came to be and for some reason, I was never informed about this when we learned about homepages in school, though I guess that was way too far back. So say goodbye to all those nice features and intelligent google ads that show things you might have cared about just for safety. That's good, right? Trading in freedom and individuality for safety. Awesome.

My Stance on GDPR / DSVGO and Copyright

I didn't really think about writing about these topics at first but after the video, I saw from MatPat's game theory on PUBG and Fortnite, heard about the whole GDPR / DSVGO topic and saw it in a video of PewDiePie as well it starts to really get on my nerves. Just like I explained earlier, safety is important and anonymity is really precious. It's not worth creating a lot of work for this though. I just have a little blog and that's already quite a few things and with every feature, I provide people the more work it gets. If you have your own homepage as a private person where you sell some artwork, provide videos, have a forum and maybe some comment section and maybe even more... you're screwed by that. The biggest complaints I heard about the GDPR / DSVGO is that:

1. You need to provide users with all the saved data from them on request.
I don't have much knowledge about the exact technology of cookies and data that is saved when someone visits your page. I never really read deeply into website technology. So, a person who does not have the knowledge about that should not be held accountable if they can't provide it then. These most likely counts for private people that work in a creative field. Another issue is using a host like Blogger, Wordpress, Wix, etc.. Users of these platforms don't know what's happening in the background and as such it's hardly possible for these people to work with such a request. What if the host says no? This is outrageous. 

2. You need the consent of people in pictures you take.
Sounds okay, doesn't it? Well here is the fun part: It doesn't matter if they are identifiable. Yes, if you take a picture from a helicopter of a city as an artist or private person you need the consent of every person that is in the picture, I'm exaggerating. Honestly though, if you take a picture of the concert, you really need the consent of every person that's in the photograph. That's impossible.

This law clearly shows that people have no idea about the internet yet. Of course, there are complaints and concerns about data and cookies but it shouldn't affect people who try to earn their living with private passions. That's just wrong. When I hear about things like Art. 11/13 which they want to get through, where you have to pay money for linking to another page and stuff, where are we going with this? They're also planning to change fair use making reactions, let's plays and all that impossible due to you needing consent from the game creators/videos you use for reactions, etc. etc.. With these laws evolvement and development will take a huge blow.

My Issue With Copyright

And then there is the copy strike story with Fortnite and PUBG. They're both battle royal games, yes, but there is no reason for Fortnite to be taken down by copyright. The goal of copyright is to prevent other people from using your ideas to create a clone essentially and make it look better to cash in on your idea. Worst case they take away the customers. However Fortnite is not a copy of PUBG, sure they took the battleground royal styled game and took many elements from the way PUBG realized this genre and idea, however, they added a fully new mechanic - multiple actually - on it. Fortnite is like PUBG mixed with Minecraft, as such, it's completely different. Even better, it's an improvement for humanity. If you can take what MatPat mentioned in his video PUBG most likely evolved from Minecraft Hunger Games and Fortnite evolved from PUBG and Minecraft, the next game will take this inspiration and maybe create something even better. That's the way it should be. Imagine Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and would've copyright stroke anything that uses electricity to make light. That's just ridiculous. If someone invents something people should be allowed to use that to make something even better or different. If this copyright strike goes through, then it just shows how we're screwing ourselves over.

Where to Now?

I'm using my right to free speech to share these opinions and complaints of mine. I don't know if you agree, I don't know if I'm correct or wrong and due to preventing complications and making it easier for myself you can't share your opinion or correct me since there are no commenting options anymore. See where this is getting us to? The internet has already been screwed. I guess the only options there are is to raise awareness, try to do some petition or wait for a revolution, I'm not a fan of aggression in any way though. I joked with a friend of doing an online-Gandhi.


About Content

Oh, you weren't scared off by the tl;dr stuff? Great. Here's some updated news about my content instead.
So, I've finished a prototype of "Against the World" and it's getting reviewed and constructive criticism (hopefully) on Coursera. By Wednesday I should know more about it. Basically, I've finished the fight scene with all the fight and interaction options plus forfeiting and defending. The secret mechanic is implemented and the mercy function as well. There will be a closed beta on the 8th of July and an open beta for Patreons on the 11th of July. The release date is the 15th of July. If you want to know a little bit more about the project you can read more here.
On the 30th of July, I have an interview at a university. This is my second try to get into studying game engineering. I have my hopes up now that I know more about how the system works.
Due to the project and the Diablo III season I've taken a break from releasing Youtube videos and from continuing the Desmina Research. I'll get back to it this week though so stay tuned.
I'm also planning to get real after the release of this project. I've got some encouragement and I'm going into getting a prototype done for a game I've planned that's called senses.
Yeah, now you're up-to-date, I guess.

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