06 June 2018

Game Genre: Run or Rape

Yep, this is no mistake and this is no clickbait. There is a run or rape genre in gaming actually and I'm discussing it in an educational if not at least analytical way for other game developers. Regardless of how well this can be salvaged or used for your games, it is a game genre in itself and as such should be mentioned at some point somewhere. Though I guess it might be one of the newer ones and I don't know how long it will hold up.

Creation of the Run or Rape Genre

The run or rape genre is more a sub-genre of the jump and run type. That's also where the name comes from. We're talking about games that will have you run, jump and fight enemies just like you would imagine it from a jump and run game. The difference is the rape part which is usually done in different ways.

Side-note: Even though the genre title would be thought to only describe games that contain sexual content in combination with running away from the targets, the genre is often used to describe any action type of games that contain real-time gameplay and sexual content, such as jump and run, run and gun, fighting games and beat 'em up games as well as the action-adventure sub-genre of adventure games.

Typical Elements

Typical elements or most common elements for this genre include...

Grappling is usually done by enemies under different circumstances or events. These events usually are 'on enemy contact' but are sometimes limited to 'when armor is broken', 'health is below x%' or player 'died'. When grappled the player is tasked with varying jobs, depending on the game, to break free from the grappling. Failing to do so will usually result in a sexual animation. Most often this sexual animation can be interrupted by still breaking from the grappling. Examples for the jobs that have to be done go from literal button mashing to passing in combinations of directions. (using directional keys)

Armor System
"Ghouls 'n Ghosts" is not the only game where you lose your armor. I don't know whether this idea originated from that game now that I think about but often you can see the protagonist lose their armor depending on an armor value that decreases on taking damage or tied to the amount of health the player has left.

Lust System
Many games even contain a lust system. Even though it's contained in many games it's purpose differs immensely. Some games use it to make it harder to break the grapples and other games use it for a completely different game mechanics. There are even games out there that only use it as a cosmetic effect. (lame :P)

No Death
Another aspect that should be mentioned here is that this genre of games does not include the idea of "death" as other games. The only deaths that are linked to this type of game are exhaustion, vore (being eaten alive) and strangling. Additionally losing all health is considered losing your endurance to move and to defend.

Sex in Video Games

Sex, sexuality, nudity and so forth in video games can create huge issues. It's not like video games didn't have a bad light in the past years, the treating of sexuality by developers in an immature kind of way is still an issue. Then again sexuality itself is a tough topic that is not so easy to talk about and treating sexuality maturely is not as easy as one might think. (I should definitely address this topic as well)


Aside from the RPG genre and few exceptions, this is the first time I actually saw a platform type of game pick up an armor system, so kudos for that, however, it is just weird that this genre of games has involved. Though it could have been predicted if you look at what kind of crazy sexual movies, books or even fanfiction exists. Then again gaming - just like art - is an artistic medium, so as long it complies with the law it's fine.

I know it's weird to read, see or even play such a game genre, especially if your idea of sex is something sacred on a ritual level, yet a game genre is a game genre and the more game genres you know the more you can draw from. As I mentioned before the armor system is very unusual for platformers. Grapples are usually only used in fighting games etc. etc.. Additionally we don't know where the future will lead us, I can only hope it's towards a better future. Oh and last but not least... again freedom of expression, so don't attack creators of these games.

(Great, now this is on the front page... I need to make sure to start writing the next post almost immediately... whelp!)
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