18 January 2018

Game Dev - Update Post December 2017

The initial goal of my blog was to keep people up-to-date on what I'm currently doing. Aside from all the theorycrafting I now do - which I don't mind, since I really enjoy it - I also try - when I find the time, which I don't lately - to work on my current game projects. Of course, I have to differentiate between Patreon members and non-Patreons somehow. So what I'm going to do is talk a little about my ideas and projects without going too much into the detail.


Lately, I haven't picked up the game development, though I've considered it two to three times. The only code I've written is the picross game on this blog, which you can play by clicking on the "Play Picross". I have several projects at the same time already, though I don't mind, since I'm able to work on one project until I'm stuck, allowing me to work on the other. Also, the motivation to work on the projects is fluctuating extremely. This is probably due to my unstable life situation right now. I don't have a stable income and I don't know what the future holds up. As long this keeps on I occasionally - very often even - feel rather demotivated to work on projects. Anyways going over my projects from the oldest to the newest.


Drakonur or Knights of Drakonur is a project I've created during my apprenticeship as a school project. I've put a lot of time into it designing the prototype. However, I wasn't too happy with it. It was missing something. After working on the game design and starting to develop it for desktop instead of mobile using OpenGL and SDL I switched back to mobile development but instead of using the API I've created with the help of a tutorial I instead wanted to use Unity at the same time one of my friends suggested to make it a web app. So much back story. Anyways it's inspired by games like Guild Wars 1 and Shakes & Fidget. The goal was to make a round-based RPG with multiple classes, dungeons, places to explore, enemies to defeat and villages to visit.

Arcana Magika

Arcana Magika is a project I've created when trying to revive the panel de pon genre. It has first been developed in C++ with OpenGL and SDL but I've ported it later to Unity for mobile devices. The base game is supposed to be a remake of panel de pon featuring all the modes the game "Tetris Attack" did. The full game will allow you to select players like in "Tetris Attack" but with abilities.

Against the World

Patreon members already might've heard about this one. Against the World is a game that is planned for mobile and will be developed in Unity. The goal is to create a game where you have to fight any kind of objects from the real world. The premise is to catch the essence of fighting the Negative Man in Earthbound while going creative with the possibilities. The fighting system will be similar to Earthbound with options like in Undertale. It's the last project I've worked on.

Other Ideas and Plans

If you expect me to tell you more you'll be wrong. However, if you want to check out more ideas of me, I'll keep Patreon members up-to-date with ideas projects, blog posts, streams, youtube videos, education and to be up-to-date on all just costs $1. I mean seriously. $1 doesn't hurt anyone with an income and if every person in the world would give me one I could go full-time game development and game development education.
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