21 January 2018

Why I May Share Myself

Welcome to 2018. Another year for technology to grow further. Another year for more and more people being introduced to the internet. More and more generations grow up with technology and the internet.

Question of Confidentiality

Everyone has to ask themselves this question when going online. The question of whether or not they should share information about them or not. Once something is on the internet you won't get rid of it. So the question of what you write online, what you tell others about you, what you write on your profile is really important. How much do you want to share of yourself? How much of you do you want public? These questions become even more interesting in the future.

The Generations

Different generations had different experiences with the internet and modern technologies. I had access to the internet in the 3rd or 4th grade of primary school and as long I had at least average grades I could go on the web as long as I want. Of course, except logging off for bedtime. I used that time when not playing with my friends and I spent hours and hours on the web. At some point, I spent more time on the internet than a part-time job would take. When there were holidays I've spent more time on the web than a full-time job. Older generations hadn't the ability to do that and newer generations may or may not grow up differently with more or less access to these technologies. Though it also depends on the parents, friends, and situations in one's life.

My Answer

As I already mentioned everyone has to decide for themselves and it's not an easy question. Your answer to this question can always be no but if it's a yes there's no turning back. Honestly, when I think about how my life has been up to this point this was a dilemma, I don't want everyone to know everything about me and yet every piece of information I share about me every now and then will probably be sold from person A to person B to earn money. The information age, isn't beautiful? The other thing is nationality. You were born in a country, this country knows probably a lot about you, of course, it must be able to administrate their citizens and that stuff. Though I never really felt myself being German that much - that's another topic in detail later someday. So if I feel more home on the internet than Germany, I can just share the data Germany has with the internet? I don't think the internet or Internetian goes through as nationality as of yet, lol. Anyways without further talking around it. I don't mind not "hiding in the dark" anymore. If the situation brings it I won't doubt myself for sharing. You live only once they say so let's make the best out of it as I can.
"You know you gotta, you know you gotta eventually make up your mind.
'Cause no one's gonna find you when you're hiding in the dark.
No one's gonna find you when you're hiding in the dark.
No one's gonna find you when you're hiding in the dark. No one's gonna find you."
~ "End Love" by OK Go 
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