17 January 2018

Goosebumps - The Power of Believing

My family and I watched several movies over the Christmas holidays. We watched "Behind the Blue Door", "Mad Max" and "Mother Krampus". A few days later I remembered that I wanted to watch "Goosebumps", the movie Jack Black plays in since I enjoyed several of the movies he played in.


If you know the books, that's what this movie is about. The idea behind it is that the creator, R. L. Stine of these books actually made up these creatures in his childhood and they're locked in the original manuscripts of the books. In the movie, the main character Zach unlocks one of the books because he's more or less friend Champ begs him to do so. When the girl, Hanah, Zach worried about suddenly appeared and asked what they're doing in the house he drops the book. In an attempt to pick it back up the monster locked in the book gets released. After all the books open their goal is to catch all monsters and lock them back in the books. If you think you read a spoiler, no worries this is all in the trailer or can be concluded from watching the trailer. So no spoilers yet.

Minor Spoiler Warning

So the thing I'm going to address next is explained in the movie but doesn't further the plot, instead, it explains the back story and how this situation or problem came to be. Still, in case you want to avoid potential story or lore spoilers, I'll warn you in advance now before people complain. :P So feel warned!

Still Interested?

Okay, good. So the topic I want to address is how these monsters came to be. In the movie, the author R. L. Stine explains that he made up these monsters in his childhood because he hated humanity so much. They were.. in a sense his imaginary friends at some point. Though they didn't stay that. At some point, they became real to him and later real for everyone. So to save humanity from this threat he locked all monsters up in the books he wrote - the original scripts. The interesting aspect of this is that they were just imaginary and now they're real.

Power of Believing

I've already mentioned that one way to see magic is a way to change the possibilities of reality. Let's say you imagine there to be a cube on your desk. You picture exactly how it looks like lying there on the chest and you continue to imagine it being there. You do this every day and at some point, you convince your unconsciousness that there's actually a cube on your desk. At some point, the chance of there actually being a cube should increase until it's high enough to be there. So that's the idea or concept from our scientific viewpoint out. It should work the same with anything else than a cube, though much more difficult. This matches perfectly with the explanation from the fictional character R. L. Stine.

Witch's and Wizard's Familiars

On a side note, this is also how witches and wizards create spiritual familiars. It differs in detail but the basic concept is the same. If you want to create a spiritual familiar the first thing you do is a small ritual that creates the entity. Usually, this is done by breathing on an object that should be bound by the entity three times. This is supposed to represent a part of your soul being infused into the object. Though you should make sure what the purpose of this being is supposed to be before, for example, an entity to protect your room. Once you've created the being the next part is quite simple. All you need to do now is sending attention to the being. Talk to it or with it. Greet it every time. In some cultures, people even place food items and drinks to connected objects. For example, in Thailand, people place food and drinks to the "ghost house" that is supposed to be either occupied by the previous family members or a spirit that is supposed to protect the family. The more energy, time and attention you spend in your familiar the more likely it is going to be for it to become more real. By the way, these creatures do not need to be bound to an object though it improves the success of the implementation.


Again a movie that does something right either coincidentally or on purpose. I really like to see this happen. Oh, by the way, I really enjoyed the movie, it's a great one that I can suggest for the whole family. Though I guess someone else's taste may be different than mine... hm. Anyways have a nice evening and maybe when you watch it with your family you do like it as well. :P

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