22 January 2018

WildStar: Total Essences of Daily Areas

Less theorycrafting, more analyzing. Something  I was wondering is... aside from the ten times bonus, we get once a day, which of the daily areas rewards the most essences? I did my research and now I know.

How to Figure It Out

Simple. Go to the daily areas, complete the quests, look at the quest rewards. Okay, let's take a step back and look at what we have. There are four daily areas. Crimson Badlands, Northern Wastes, Star-comm Basin and Malgrave. Additionally, we have Arcterra but I'm not gonna count it in since it doesn't reward any essences and it isn't in the daily area rotation of the ten times bonus. So we need to know how many quests each of those areas has and how many essences they reward.

Crimson Badlands

Going down our list we start with Crimson Badlands. This deserted area has got a total of 16 guests. We have six NPCs or quest givers that give between one and three quests. In total, they give 11 quests. Additionally, in the underground, we got another quest. So that's 12 quests in total. There are 4 additional path quests, one for each path. Each and every one of these rewards 24 essences by default. So we get 24 * 16 = 384 essences doing them and 240 * 16 = 3840 essences when it's daily. However, we just looked at one side. Crimson Badlands has quests for Dominion and quests for Exiles. Both sides have the same amount of quests but once you finished the Exiles quests you can still do the Dominion quests even with the ten times bonus. So we get twice the amount of essences. That's 384 * 2 = 768 or 3840 * 2 = 7680 essences during the ten times bonus.
Having a signature account increases this amount further. We now get another 120 essences for each quest. So we have 24 + 12 = 36 essences for every quest, 16 Dominion and 16 Exile quests makes 32 quests, which in return results in 36 * 32 = 1152 essences or 360 * 32 = 11520 with the ten times bonus. We also may get the Drusera bonus but that one differs from person and person respective to the amount of missed essences so I'm not going to calculate this one.

Northern Wastes

Our second area the cold and snowy Northern Wastes daily area presents us with a 5 NPCs or quest givers. Aside from the first, they all give 3 quests. So that's 1 + 4 * 3 = 13 quests. Again here too we have four path quests. So in total, we have 17 quests available in this frozen place. Just like Crimson Badlands we can complete all these quests on a Dominion character still getting the ten times bonus as the Dominion and Exile quests are unique. The essence reward for each quest is the same. Just like in Crimson Badlands we get 24 for each quest. So that's 24 * 17 = 408 essences on one of the faction sides with the ten times bonus 240 * 17 = 4080 essences. Doing both sides we get 24 * 34 = 816 essences without ten times bonus and 240 * 34 = 8160 with.
So we can already see an increase in essences for this area but it also takes an additional quest.

Star-comm Basin

Here we've got a... special daily area. This one shares the quests for both Dominion and Exile so we can only get the bonus with one of the characters. Another specialty of this area is that the quests change. There are 3 quest givers. Each gives 2 quests, so that would be 3 * 2 = 6 quests. However one of the quest givers gives different quests according to the position he's standing at and the position is relative to the current theme. So depending on when the theme changes and how often you can do six to ten quests a day plus the four path quests. So in total ten to 14 quests. The essence reward is also higher in this area. We get 40 essences instead of 24 for each quest. That means we get between 40 * 10 = 400 and 40 * 14 = 560 essences. With the ten times bonus that's 4000 to 5600 essences. Now assuming you still do the area with the other faction you get an additional 400 to 560 essences.
With all this data we're left with 400 + 400 = 800 to 560 + 560 = 1120 essences without ten time bonus and 4000 + 400 = 4400 to 5600 + 560 = 6160 essences with ten times bonus. Assuming we have signature bonus this amount increases by 50%. So we get 60 instead of 40 essences. Going through the numbers again that's between 60 * 10 = 600 and 60 * 14 = 840 essences. With ten times bonus it's 6000 to 8400 essences and last but not least doing it with another faction it's an additional 600 to 840 essences. So between 600 + 600 = 1200 and 840 + 840 = 1680 essences. Now with the ten times bonus it's 6000 + 600 = 6600 to 8400 + 840 = 9240 essences.


The last daily area and again a special one. This daily are consists of one quest rewarded after the 4th phase of a five-phase event that occurs every four hours. It happens around the R-12 containment facility. This quest does reward quite a handful of essences though. Accepting the quest and getting the reward from the respective faction NPC rewards 120 essences with the ten times bonus it's 1200 essences. These are also possible to get with both factions so we can get 240 essences without the bonus and 2400 with the bonus. Being a signature player we get 360 essences without and 3600 essences with the bonus.


If we would do all the daily areas in the order they reward the most we would start with the ten times bonus. Aside from that one listing the top reward areas, we would get the following ranking:
  1. Northern Wastes with 816 essences 
  2. Star-comm Basin with 800 - 1120 essences
  3. Crimson Badlands 768 essences
  4. Malgrave with 240 essences

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