07 January 2018

Using Guild Wars 2 For Rituals!?

Just the idea of using games content for rituals is absurd. As if it's not absurd enough yet to do rituals themselves. Either way, it follows the same concept as normal rituals.

What It Represents Matters

Whether you vibrate the names of gods and spirits or the gods and spirits of a game. Technically it comes the same. The important part is, that your unconsciousness knows what they stand for, what they represent. So to know this we need to read through the lore of said represents.

The goddess of healing, air, warmth, and life

Is the goddess of nature, earth, and growth

Is the twin goddess Lyss and Ilya of beauty, water, and illusion

Is the god of darkness, ice, and death

Is the goddess of order, spirit, and truth

The god of war, fire, and courage

God of water and knowledge

As you can see, each of these represents something. It's the same with most polytheism.

How Would I Go About It?

Once you know what something represents the best thing to do first is meditate over these. Whether you meditate over the planet of the day, the symbol of the planet, the spirit, the element, the zodiac sign or even the Chinese zodiac sign. This way you can attune to it and feel what its energy feels like. One would assume that the energy of Melandru feels way different than the feeling of Grenth, just like the feeling of earth feels different than ice.

After doing this to your satisfaction you should be ready to go to build them into a ritual. A few things you notice hear is each god in  Guild Wars 2 has also at least one element added to them as well as other things they represent. So whenever you use elements, like in the Pentagram Ritual you can replace the angels you call with the gods of Guild Wars 2 for example or if you would use the heart Chakra to heal some wound you could use Dwayna's energy. Another way you could use them is whenever you call a Greek god, like Dionysus to make your plants grow, for example, you could use Melandru at this point just as well.

The Downside of This

Depending on your confidence this may or may not work. Like I've mentioned several times the more you believe in something and the more others believe in the same thing the more likely it is to exist. So if you don't believe in this to work, it probably won't work. Even the smallest doubt can be fatal. At the same time, one would think since it's some gods from a game, most likely hardly anyone will believe in them being real, so technically one would assume that it's inefficient to work with these. However, I'd say if you use these energies and you feel comfortable using them then it might work wonders for you.


After all the idea behind all this is something that many free mages and witches strive for:
"Find your own path, your own style."

References and More on the Topic

Here are some links to inform yourself about these gods and the religion of Guild Wars, if you're interested.

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