26 January 2018

Guild Wars 2: Tests Around the Druids Astral Force

Starting with February I'll have to stream all Guild Wars 2 raids with my druid. Raid lead wants to force everyone who can play the support role at some point. Kinda getting a rotation in or something. I must say I'm not too fond of healing, I'm more about the damage or the numbers.

Astral Force

Astral force is the resource the ranger class gains when specializing in druid. Doing so will add the 5th class skill as well as a resource above the energy resource used for dodging (the yellow bars around your health bar). The color of this resource is light blue. As long this resource is not full you won't be able to activate your 5th class skill. Once you activate your 5th class skill your astral force will decrease steadily until you deactivate the 5th class skill or it runs out completely. During the activation of the celestial avatar or 5th class skill, you have several healing abilities available. Also, you gain the resource whenever you heal damage or deal damage.

Emptying the Force

The first thing I'm gonna test is how long does the avatar hold without doing anything. For this, we'll use a stopwatch and we'll press the 5th class skill and the stopwatch start button at the same time. Then we're gonna wait until we'll leave the form. This took 15.45 seconds. Our resource is now empty. So let's fill it up again. Now we're gonna test whether or not any of the skills have an effect on the duration of the avatar. 15.47 seconds. This seems to be very well in our range of error. So we're going to assume it takes the same time regardless.

Refilling the Force

Our avatar is empty again so let's fill it up and look at the process of doing so. For the first experiment, I'm gonna fill up the whole avatar with the regeneration heals over time. Again once I activate the healing I'm gonna time it. So let's, go in get regeneration up and start the stopwatch right at that moment. Then we just have to keep regeneration up until we're full. Once the 5th class skill is available we'll stop the stopwatch. So this took 1:00.48. though the skill I activated had a 0.5-second delay. Let's assume it actually took 1 minute. Now regeneration isn't the only way to fill up the bar we can also deal damage to fill up our avatar. So let's summon a Golem and auto-attack it until our resource is full. Doing this took 1:01.21. Interesting so far.

Rune of the Monk 4th Bonus

If we're doing the same test like the one above without the monk rune the time we need to regenerate to full avatar is 1:04.70. That's about 5 seconds more. Since the regeneration fills our avatar for 1.5% for each heal and 0.75% for each time we deal damage the rune of the monk will affect the speed on how fast we will up our celestial avatar when we take damage, saving us a few seconds.

Filling Up the Astral Energy

The amount of the astral force can't be determined since each attack and each support fills a fixed amount of the resource. However, we can tell how many heals or hits we need since we know by how much it fills our avatar. To do this we simply divide the 100% avatar through the amount we get per heal or per attack. So that's 100% / 1.5% = 66.67 heals and 100% / 0.75% = 133.33 attacks. So we need 67 heals and 134 hits. Fighting with the staff the auto-attack takes 1.25 seconds and hits three times. This means we would need 1.25 * 134 / 3 = 55.83 seconds. If regeneration ticks every second and we can easily keep it up it will take 67 seconds or one minute and 7 seconds to fill up the avatar with heals. If we have regeneration up and we auto-attack we can calculate that by looking at how much resource is filled with every auto-attack. The auto attacks take 1.25 seconds as stated earlier and each second we get 1.5% filled. So that means we get 1.5% / 1 * 1.25 = 1.875% per 1.25 seconds filled and since our auto-attack hits 3 times we get 3 * 0.75% = 2.25% resource filled. Adding it up we get 1.875% + 2.25% = 4.125% for every auto attack we do when we have regeneration on us. This means we only need 100% / 4.125% = 24.24 seconds to fill up the avatar if we have regeneration on us.

Side Note

Interesting would be if we get 1.5% resource for each player that gets regeneration from us. It would make sense but I did all this solo so I couldn't test it. I know the information here might not be something new and it's not really useful, I guess? I found it really interesting to check these things though so I hope you can enjoy it.

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